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Jupiter and Adele

Another awards season has passed and once again the British singer Adele has walked away a sizable amount of hardware. By now her parlor must look like the showroom of a trophy shop.

We don’t have a time of birth for Adele (click here to see a chart done for noon on her birthday) but we can say one definite thing about her horoscope. Jupiter is an important factor. Jupiter is in Taurus conjunct Adele’s Sun, thus making it imprint on the core of her identity.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. When it is conjunct the Sun we expect much more of everything associated with the Sun: more creativity, vitality, generosity and self-confidence.  In Taurus, Jupiter conjunct the Sun describes a person who has a healthy appetite for all the good things in life, particularly beauty, comfort and real estate.

Anyone who has heard Adele’s voice knows what Jupiter sounds like. It is rich, expansive and powerful. The Sun and Jupiter are opposed to Pluto in her horoscope so that beautiful voice is informed by adversity and deep, turbulent emotions. Together, Pluto and Jupiter bring us a wonderful combination of bounty and pain, naïve optimism and hard earned wisdom. Adele manages to express all this with her singing.

Of course, Jupiter’s tendency to expand is not just limited to one’s talents. In Adele’s case we see Jupiter’s influence in her physical appearance. In an age that often seems to honor thinness over talent, Adele is a plus-size woman. Her weight certainly has not held her back but it has drawn barbs from at least one veteran comic.

Adele’s defiant response to these fat jokes is quite typical of her Taurus Sun sign. Taurus people do many things well. Retreating is not one of them. Calling a Taurus out on any issue only serves to harden his or her position and once those Taurus heels are dug in, no amount of derision or criticism is going to have any effect.

Personally, I think Adele is the perfect size for the Jupiter sized voice that she possesses but what I or anyone else in the world thinks is not the issue. Someone with Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Taurus is not going to be guided by public opinion. Her choices will always be her own and based on what seems practical and sensible to her at the time.

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