Jennifer Lawrence’s Big Falljlawrenceimage

Of course, we could talk about Congress falling on its face with regard to the federal budget, but that’s not nearly as interesting as talking about a pretty young Oscar winner tripping on her way to the podium.

I have to admit I didn’t foresee Jennifer Lawrence winning the Academy Award for best actress. (Click here to see my previous article.) I felt that the run of luck that she had been riding for some time now (with her secondary progressed Jupiter slowly moving across her natal Venus) was ending. In my defense, we do not have a time of birth of Jennifer Lawrence and I was working with a partial horoscope. Apparently, astrological factors that I couldn’t see with this incomplete chart were at work on Oscar night.

As for the fall, I did see that transiting Mercury and Mars would be opposite her natal Mercury on that night. Since Mercury usually means communication, I thought she might get caught making a rash or unwise statement. What I should have seen is that when you put Mercury (the mind) and Mars (physical action) together, you get a serious lapse in motor skills. And if you’re wearing high heels, a long dress and rushing up steps to collect the highest honor Hollywood can give an actress, such a lapse can have dramatic results.

Not that her famous stumble seems to have cost Lawrence much in the way of bad press. With the aplomb of a Leo Sun sign, she deflected the embarrassment and turned that fall into a just another endearing nuance in a public profile that seems to be growing with every passing day. In my article on Lawrence I mentioned that she had a beautiful Grand Trine in her horoscope involving Mercury, Saturn and Mars. Among other things, Lawrence is a quick thinker who knows how to turn missteps into triumphs. I think we can count on seeing this quality many more time is what promises to be a long career.

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