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This has been an interesting week. We started with Jodie Foster’s rather cryptic owning of her sexual orientation and then we had Lance Armstrong confessing to using performance enhancing drugs in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Even Charlie Sheen was out on the interview circuit trying to explain his 2011 antics (while promoting his new sit com.)

We do not have a complete horoscope for Lance Armstrong, (Click here to see a chart done for noon) but we can still see some of the astrological factors behind his confession. Transiting Saturn is moving close to a square to his natal Mars indicating that he feels himself under tremendous pressure. Mars often manifests in a physical way so health concerns may be involved. This aspect persists through Feb. and then comes back with a vengeance in October so we may be hearing more from Armstrong later in the year.

We do have a reliable horoscope for Jodie Foster and the aspects that accompanied her semi-coming-out indicated that, for her, it was something of a triumph. For one thing the North Node of the Moon was passing over her natal Mercury indicating that there was something fateful about her speech, that she was balancing a ledger that extends beyond the limits of this lifetime. And her secondary progressed Moon was forming an almost exact trine with her natal Jupiter, a joyous aspect and an aspect of liberation. (Click here to Foster’s horoscope with secondary progressions.)

Some have criticized Foster for not being more forthcoming in her announcement. They chastise her for hiding behind cagey hints instead of outright declaring herself a lesbian and waving the flag for gay people around the world, but Foster was just being true to her Sun sign. Foster is a Scorpio and, even though Scorpios love digging into the secrets of other people, they are fierce guardians of their own privacy. On top of this, Foster has the Sun in the 12th House of secret things, a further indication that cagey hints is about all we should expect from her.

All is not well in Foster’s horoscope right now. The nice trine of the progressed Moon to her Jupiter is a passing pleasantry. She has two other secondary progressions that have a longer duration and tough consequences. Her progressed Mars is square her natal Mercury while her progressed Mercury is conjunct her natal Saturn. Foster’s intellectual state right now is probably pretty bleak. These aspects exacerbate the natural pessimism of Scorpio and narrow the focus of her thinking. They indicate hardship and intellectual struggle. Reportedly Foster is caring for her aging mother who is suffering from dementia.

For information about what Charlie Sheen is up to click here to see an article I wrote last year on his circumstances.

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