LenaDunhamImageLena Dunham and the Bounty of Jupiter

2012 was a great year for Lena Dunham. Her HBO show “Girls” became phenomenal hit and, with the second season just beginning, her name seems to be cropping up everywhere. It is always remarkable when someone is able to achieve this kind of success before their first Saturn Return so I decided see if a horoscope charted for noon on her birthday could show us what astrological factors are afoot. (Click here to see the noon horoscope.)

Last year, when her show was making its debut, Dunham’s secondary progressed Sun was square her natal Jupiter. I’ve talked about secondary progressions in other articles. Secondary progression advances the horoscope one day for every year lived. Through this technique we see the horoscope grow and change just as we humans grow and change. Of course, some of those changes are good and some are painful.

The square of Dunham’s progressed Sun to her natal Jupiter provided for a change that was emphatically good. Jupiter is the planet of bounty, the planet of expansion and good luck. The Sun rules the ego, the basic “you”. Even though the aspect between these two bodies is stressful and quite probably added good deal of tension to the proceedings, the overall energy from this connection is tremendously positive.

Dunham’s secondary progressed Sun is currently moving beyond its square to Jupiter but that shouldn’t end her streak of good fortune. Now her progressed Sun is closing in on a conjunction with her natal Venus, another positive aspect. This indicates that her show will continue to fascinate audiences and that Dunham’s personal popularity will increase.

Of course, as in every horoscope, there are some troubling aspects as well. Looking at what’s going on in the sky right now, we see that transiting Saturn is opposing Dunham’s Mercury. To make matters worse, Saturn slows down and turns retrograde (an apparent backward motion) next month so the aspect will last for several weeks. During this period Dunham will feel intellectually stymied and she may make decisions and statements that are unwise. It could also signal a period of self-criticism and depression.

Fortunately, Dunham is a practical Taurus by Sun sign with Mars in activist Capricorn. She is not likely to let herself bogged down by negative thoughts.  Since we don’t have a complete horoscope for her it is impossible to say anything with certainty but, from what we can see, 2013 will be another bountiful year for Lena Dunham.

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