marsplutoimage2012: The Year of the Mars/Pluto Monster Part Three

In my last article I discussed the connection between the natal horoscope of James Eagan Holmes and the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. Now I want to explore the relationship between this aspect and the horoscopes of Adam Lanza and Sgt. Robert Bales.

On the date of Adam Lanza’s attack on the Sandy Hook school, Uranus and Pluto were as widely separated from their 90 degree aspect as they will ever be until 2015. And yet, on that day Uranus was within a degree of the natal placement of Lanza’s Mercury. In fact, Uranus had ceased a retrograde motion (relative to the Earth) and started moving forward once again (turned direct in astrology jargon) only a couple of days before the shooting.

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Pluto was 8 degree 43 minutes of Capricorn, placing it in a possible conjunction with Lanza’ s natal Moon. (Since we do not have time of day for Lanza, we cannot be certain of the position of the Moon, though if he was born between 8AM and 4PM the aspect would be within range.) But even without this possible aspect to his Moon, Lanza’ Mercury had been under severe pressure from both Uranus and Pluto for a couple years prior to the attack. (Click here to see an illustration.)

Mercury rules the mind and any afflictions to Mercury are apt to warp our thinking. For someone like Lanza, whose grip on reality was by all appearance suspect, this pressure was particularly damaging. Add to this the violent potential of his natal Mars to Pluto aspect and, even without a time of birth, the explosive potential is more than evident.

We also do not have a time of birth for Master Sergeant, Robert Bales who, on March 11, 2012, viciously attacked unarmed civilian (including women and children) in Kandahar, Afghanistan, killing 16. On that day Pluto was opposite his natal Sun in Cancer and possible opposite his Moon as well.  At the same time the Uranus was within three degrees of Bales natal Mars and opposite his natal Pluto, thus directly activating his natal Mars to Pluto aspect. (Click here to see an illustration.)

Bales was a decorated American soldier who, according to reports from the U.S. military “just snapped.” At the time of the attack Mercury, which moves rather fast through the sky, was also very much involved in the aspects to Bales’ Mars and Pluto. Again, Mercury rules the mind and when transiting Mercury passes over badly afflicted points in our natal horoscope, we are prone to dangerously skewed ideas.

As I have previously stated, these astrological factors should not be seen as an excuse for the actions of Lanza or Bales. They only provide a context. Nor did these factors make their actions inevitable. There are many other ways in which this energy could have been used.

What is truly frightening about these cases is the fact that Uranus and Pluto will be moving back and forth in this 90 degree aspect until 2015. Other damaged people with a potential for violence will certainly be impacted. So attacks like those carried out by James Holmes, Adam Lanza and Robert Bales are likely to punctuate these upcoming years just as tragically as they did 2012.

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