marsplutoimage2012: The Year of the Mars/Pluto Monster

In March, 2012 I wrote a couple of articles on the influence of Mars Pluto aspects. The first was on a relatively benign (in retrospect) manifestation: Rush Limbaugh’s bombastically foolish insult of Sandra Fluke. The other was on the U.S. soldier accused of massacring civilians in Afghanistan, Robert Bales. Both of these men have a strong aspect between Mars and Pluto in their natal horoscope. But little did I know that would only be the beginnings and that, as 2012 continued, we would further proof of this aspect’s monstrous potential.

First of all we have James Eagan Holmes, the young man currently on trial for killing twelve people in a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado. In Holmes’ horoscope (click here to see the chart) Mars is in a conjunction with Pluto. The aspect is particularly powerful because Mars and Pluto are both in Scorpio, a sign for which each has a strong affinity and Mars is right on the I.C. (opposite the Midheaven.)


Then we have, Adam Lanza, the Newtown, Conn., shooter. We do not have a time of birth for Lanza, (click here to see a horoscope charted for noon) but we can see that he has Mars in a trine aspect with Pluto. The trine aspect is a so-called “good” aspect but good aspects sometimes mean that the person feels a special entitlement to both the best and worst tendencies symbolized by that aspect.  When this happens; “good” can turn “evil” very quickly.

Mars is the planet we associate with violence (it was named after the god of war, after all) and Pluto symbolizes everything extreme, dark and obsessive. So it is not a surprise that we find strong aspects between Mars and Pluto in the horoscopes of mass murders such as Ted Bundy (trine), John Wayne Gacy (sextile), David Berkowitz (sextile), Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho (conjunction) and Norwegian killer Anders Breivik (trine).

As I have stated in my previous articles, the fact that we find this aspect in the horoscopes of so many killers does not mean that everyone with Mars aspecting Pluto has this capacity. There are many, much more positive ways of manifesting the energy of these planets. Still, it would seem that 2012 has become a year in which the very worst side of Mars and Pluto has been prominently displayed. In my next article I will look at some reasons why this has been such a monstrous year.


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