tolkienimagePssst, J.R.R. Tolkien was a Capricorn

Can you believe it? The greatest works of fantasy in the English language, such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, were written by a person with the Sun in Capricorn. How can this be?  No sign is more averse to fantasizing than stodgy old Capricorn. We expect the Capricorn person to focus on the real, on the cold, hard facts; not on the fictional adventures of a bunch of impossible creatures speaking a made-up language.

But Tolkien was indeed a Capricorn. We see the influence of his Capricorn Sun in his career as an academic. He was hard-working and ambitious and he made significant (if mundane) contributions to his field. His private life was equally conventional. Tolkien was, by all accounts, a devoted family man and a staunch follower of the Catholic Church. His only vice seems to have been writing about Hobbits.

We do not have a precise time of birth for Tolkien. (It seems he was born somewhere between 8:00 AM and 12:40 PM.) In a speculative horoscope charted for 9:00 AM (click here to see the chart) we see that Tolkien also has his Mercury in Capricorn in a nearly exact square aspect to Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn. How much more Capricorn could he get?

Ahh, but here’s the secret. Capricorn and Saturn are both strongly oriented toward the past and if we venture far enough into the past we are forced to leave behind what is known to be real and open ourselves to that which can only be imagined. Tolkien’s Middle Earth is the shadow of a past that never was, a past that was free of industrialization and urbanization, which Tolkien abhorred. It was a simple, agrarian past, a past of old fashioned values and noble quests.

Neptune is also an important factor in Tolkien’s horoscope. Along with Pluto, it forms a trine to his Aquarian Venus. This aspect between Neptune and Venus made Tolkien much more of a romantic than the typical Capricorn Sun (or the typical person with Venus in Aquarius.) It also allowed him stretch his imagination and visualize the all the miraculous concoctions the fill his novels. Of course, it took a lot of meticulous Capricorn planning and organizing to weave those visions into a compelling and comprehensive history of a legendary past.

Since we don’t have the exact time of his birth, we can only make a guess at Tolkien’s Rising Sign. Pisces seems to be a likely choice since it would give greater prominence to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and the planet most naturally associated with fantasy. But let’s give Capricorn its due. Tolkien’s Capricorn Sun gave him the impetus to create a past that epitomized his values and his priorities. It also gave him the intellectual power (through the square between his Capricorn Mercury and Saturn) to make those fantasies seem solid, complete and unquestionably real.

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