Mars in Libra and the Directors

The release of a new movie Hitchcock brings to mind a strange fact I came across when I was doing research for the Mars/Venus Playbook. It turns out that Alfred Hitchcock has one astrological placement in common with three other famous directors of motion pictures: Ingmar Bergman, Roman Polanski and Frederico Fellini. They all have Mars in Libra. To add to this confluence, noted playwrights and theater directors George Bernard Shaw and George Kaufman also have Mars in Libra.

What is it about Mars in Libra that links all of these esteemed artists? With Mars in Libra, the mind and abstract concepts of love, beauty and partnership dominate the sex drive. The actual sex act may be important or unimportant, depending on the sign placement of Venus and the Sun, and on other factors, but sex will always be an attempt to break through the specific and the physical in order to better identify with an ideal.

With these six men we see a variety of attitudes toward sex, none of them exactly within the range of normal. Both Hitchcock and Shaw were rather dubious about physical sex. Hitchcock called it “a bore”. Shaw had occasional sex with women who had nothing to do with his creative life. Both men had an intense focus on the female players in their works that is considered by various biographers to be semi-erotic.

Bergman and Polanski were more direct about their interactions with actresses. Bergman was famous for having affairs with his female leads and for keeping them in his thrall and using their various personas in his films like a painter uses the colors on his palette. Polanski’s marriage to his leading lady, Sharon Tate, came to a tragic end when she was murdered. A few years later he was charged with drugging and raping an under aged girl and forced to flee to Europe.

George Kaufman was also famous for dating beautiful actresses, even though he was married. (He and his wife had an amicably open marriage.) When one of those actresses, Mary Astor, was taken to court by her husband, her diaries, which contained exorbitant praise of Kaufman’s abilities as a lover were produced as evidence and Kaufman was dubbed by the press as “public lover number one.”

What all of these men shared, particularly the four directors of motions pictures, was the ability to work in collaboration with various actresses to create a very particular image of sexuality. For Hitchcock, who had Mars in Libra sextile master-of-mayhem Uranus, that image often involved  beautiful women in dangerous situations in which their blond perfections was confronted with terrible, animalistic violence. Fellini, Polanski and Bergman had different visions, but they all needed to partner with another person in order to bring those visions, those ideals of beauty, into cinematic reality.

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