Justin Bieber Gets Tough

Justin Bieber scored multiple victories at last week’s American Music Awards ceremony. He won Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album.  More importantly, he proved that he was more than just another teenage pretty boy and that his career has some staying power. But as triumphant as he might be feeling right now, there are some dark clouds looming in Bieber's immediate future.

In Bieber’s natal horoscope (click here to see the chart) we see the Sun and Venus close to what astrologers call the I.C., at the lower end of the axis that divides the horoscope in half. This is a powerful placement and is a clear indication of the fame and popularity that this young performer has achieved. Bieber also has Pluto on his Scorpio Ascendant, however, which shows us that he is a more serious and determined person than we might otherwise assume.

The dark clouds I’m speaking of are in Bieber’s secondary progressed horoscopes. Secondary progression advance the planetary positions in the natal horoscope one day for every year lived. Looking at someone’s progressed chart is like watching the horoscope grow and seeing tendencies and events that might have been nascent in the natal chart become manifest.

Right now Bieber’s progressed Mars is nearing his natal Sun. In his natal horoscope Mars forms a square aspect with Pluto, indicating that Bieber is a willful person who is not afraid of conflict. With progressed Mars on his Sun, that willfulness is going to be exhibited in an aggressive way. There’s going to be some butting of heads and Bieber’s pristine persona is likely to be challenged. The aspect could also manifest in some sort of physical injury, particularly an injury resulting from his unwillingness to accept his own limitations.

Along with this dangerous progression, Bieber will be experiencing a conjunction of progressed Mercury to his natal Saturn. With this aspect he will be intellectually “stuck”, prone to bad ideas, stubbornness and indefensible opinions. Errant statements and misunderstandings could alienate many of even his most avid supporters.

Typically, secondary progressed aspects don’t make themselves felt until they are accompanied by transiting aspect. Right now there are no threatening transits to Bieber’s natal horoscope, but that situation will not last forever.  The aspect between Bieber’s Sun and his progressed Mars will be in effect for another couple of years. So it is only a matter of time before some otherwise minor transit sets off this secondary progressed time bomb.

Will Justin Bieber survive this rough patch that he’s facing? People with Pluto prominent in their horoscopes (like Bieber), particular in a hard aspect to Mars, are built to endure tough times. You might even say that it is their destiny to experience such trials. Bieber’s horoscope reveals that he is much tougher than his boyish looks imply. The troubles he must endure during the next couple of years will only make that toughness more apparent.

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