Jill Kelley and Her High-Powered Plutokellyimage


As more information comes forth about the Petraeus scandal attention is beginning to focus on the “other, other” woman involved in the affair: Jill Kelley. I thought it might be time to look at her chart.

Since I don’t have a time of birth, I’m using a horoscope charted for noon on her birth date. Wikipedia gives Beirut, Lebannon as her place of birth. Another source has New Jersey. I’m using Beirut but, for this cursory examination the place of birth is not crucial. (Click here to see this chart.)

Kelley is a Capricorn by Sun sign and she also has Mercury and Venus in that sign. From this we can see that she is a practical, goal-oriented person who rarely lets her emotions get the best of her. Her Sun forms a nice sextile with Jupiter which indicates that she is more outgoing than the typical Capricorn and has a grander self-image.

The most telling aspect to Kelley’s natal Sun, however, is a square to Pluto. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio so what I said in an earlier article about Scorpio being drawn to power also applies to people with this aspect. In fact, this square between the Sun and Pluto gives this attraction an extra twist. It provides for constant tension between the lust for and glorification of power and the essentially skeptical nature of Kelley’s Capricorn Sun, indicating that, for this person, the allure of power can become very troublesome.

Kelley has, of course, demonstrated a pronounced desire to be in the company to powerful men; first General David Petraeus and then to General John Allen, who succeeded Petraeus as commander of American troops in Afghanistan. It was her association with Petraeus that raised the ire of Paula Broadwell, the general’s biographer and mistress and broke open the scandal. Her voluminous e-mail exchanges with General Allen have drawn the scrutiny from the FBI.

Kelley’s Sun to Pluto square will become particularly troublesome next years as Uranus and Pluto continue their ongoing 90 degree dance in the sky. Pluto will repeatedly cross Kelley natal Sun while Uranus will be opposite her Pluto more or less throughout 2013. This will be an extremely disruptive period for Kelley and her relationships with people in power will probably be at the center of her difficulties.

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