General Petraeus and the Perils of Being a Scorpiopetraeusimage

Despite their well-earned reputation for sexiness, Sun sign Scorpios tend to be secretive about their sex lives. They leave the bragging and trophy collecting to people less serious about sex and let their smoldering, often irresistible allure speak for itself.

That’s why it took an FBI investigation to bring the affair between Sun sign Scorpio General David Petraeus and Sun sign Scorpio Paula Broadwell to light. Even though Broadwell had been in close proximity to Petraeus for a year, preparing material for her biography of the general, the revelation of their sexual relationship came as a surprise to many.

Looking at their horoscopes (charted for noon) we see that Broadwell’s Sun in Scorpio is within a couple of degrees of Petraeus’ Sun and opposite his Jupiter. (Click here to see a double chart with the horoscopes of Petraeus and Broadwell charted for noon.) This indicates that Broadwell was somewhat overwhelmed by the power of Petraeus’ personality. For Scorpio, power isn’t just the greatest aphrodisiac, it is the only aphrodisiac. Scorpio people are drawn to power and if they can’t wield it themselves, they want to be close to it.

However, it is still a little surprising that these two Scorpios allowed themselves to be caught into this difficult position. No sign understands the obsessive power of sex as well as Scorpio. For this reason people with this Sun sign tend to be conservative with regard to their sex lives. They know that sexual desire is the one thing that can compromise their need for control so they approach it with great caution.

Unfortunately for Petraeus, his Venus is in carefree Sagittarius and his Capricorn Mars is opposite Uranus and trine Jupiter. Mars in Capricorn is typically a conservative placement but these aspects add a tendency for overconfidence and a taste for risk taking to Petraeus’ sexual nature.

Paula Broadwell has both Venus and Mars in Libra. With this combination of Mars and Venus, she would value relationships and marriage over sexual gratification. However, her Mars is in a wide conjunction with Uranus which opens the way for risky behavior.

Since we do not have a complete horoscope for either Petraeus or Broadwell it is impossible to say much more about this scandal except that is not surprising that it was Broadwell’s  jealous e-mails to a female friend of Petraeus that ultimately blew the cover off their affair. Scorpio folks tend to be obsessively protective of their relationships; just another reason why people with this Sun sign can’t afford to fool around when it comes to sex.

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