Back to Square Onedonkeyelephant

I'm sitting up late watching the election coverage and, despite nearly two years of hoopla and a butt load of money spent, it appears that the political realities in the country have not changed. We are still going have a Democratic president, a Republican House of Representatives, a Senate that only marginally favors the Democrats and a nation sharply divided.

The problem this presents astrologically is that the big square aspect between Pluto and Uranus has also not changed. It will be coming at us again next year, and several more times before 2015, with all the same nastiness that has made recent times so “interesting”.

It is likely that the first bit of nastiness that we will encounter in this country will involve the coming showdown over the federal budget. If Republicans and Democrats engage in the same kind of political brinkmanship that we saw during the budget battle of 2011 (when Uranus and Pluto were just flirting with a 90 aspect) it’s not going to be pretty.

Add to this the threat of more “super-storms” due to global warming, fear of a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East and all the innumerable other national and international flash points this government will be facing, it becomes clear that more of the same is just not going to be good enough. Somehow, our leaders are going to have to take this all too familiar gridlock and turn it into something that works.


The good news is that this will be the last political blog I will write for awhile. I know I'm ready for something lighter and more fun. I hope you are.

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