A Tough Slog for President Obama176px-official portrait of barack obama

As I have pointed out in previous articles, Barack Obama is the midst of a series of square aspects from transiting Saturn to his natal Saturn. This aspect is part of the cycle of Saturn and represents a period during which the President’s character and abilities will meet stiff challenges.(To see a chart with Barack Obama's natal chart in the center, his secondary progressions and his transits, click here.)

Along with this difficult aspect, Obama also is going through a prolonged square from his secondary progressed Mars to his natal Saturn. This is an aspect of frustration, conflict and a general narrowing of options. It can also indicate ill health, physical incapacity and personal attacks. Obviously this is not an easy time for Mr. Obama.

The Saturn square was exact last week and will continue to be close through most of May. Transiting Saturn is moving retrograde right now. That means it appears to be moving backwards relative to the earth. In June it will turn direct and square Obama’s natal Saturn again in August. The square between his natal Saturn and secondary progressed Mars will remain close for the next couple of years.

What is particularly worrisome about this combination of aspects in Obama’s horoscope is that their influence coincides with the first exact square between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto. We have been feeling the tension of this impending battle of astrological behemoths for a while now. The Tea Party movement and the Occupy movement are just a couple of its most noticeable manifestations. As this aspect become exact in June things we can expect dramatic, even world shaking developments.

How will these aspects impact President Obama’s bid to be reelected? Certainly it will not make things any easier. Problems like the current scandal involving the Secret Service will continue to hound him even as much bigger and more dangerous issues loom.  He can also expect a deluge of criticism for all sides. And yet, Saturn transits always present us with the opportunity to display our skills, our strengths and our character. They are tests, and if we are up to the challenge, the end results can be positive. This difficult passage can either destroy Barack Obama or make him stronger. The final call is up to him.

Meanwhile, Obama’s likely opponent in the November election, Mitt Romney, is facing his own Saturn challenge. Saturn will be squaring his natal Saturn in October. During this period Romney will face his own challenges and endure his own trials. It’s going to be a rough campaign for both contenders and a memorable one for us voters.

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