Astrology and the Massacre in Kandahar

map of afghanistan
First of all I would like to thank Patrick Watson for searching out and publishing the birth date of Staff Sergeant Robert Bales on the Political Astrology website. Bales is the soldier who has been charged with going on a killing spree in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 16 Afghan citizens. (Click here to see a horoscope for Bales charted for noon.)

What particularly interests me about this case is the fact that Bales has Mars opposed to Pluto in his natal horoscope. This is the same aspect I pointed out in the horoscope of Rush Limbaugh in a previous article titled Mars, Pluto and the Monster Within Us All. (Click here to see the article.) In that article I talked about how Mars and Pluto represent the dark side of human nature and how, when they get together, that dark side can get out of control.

What happens with Mars and Pluto get out of control can range from the kind of inflammatory speech that has made Limbaugh famous to horrendous acts of violence as in the cases of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. When Mars and Pluto are working on us we can actually enjoy crossing the boundaries of civilized behavior and taking on the label of “monster.”  In Bales horoscope this Mars to Pluto opposition is especially troublesome since it forms a T-square with his Sun and, possibly, his Moon. (Without a time of birth we can only guess at the position of the Moon.)

When I first read about the Kandarhar incident I was reminded of Lieutenant William Calley and the My Lai Massacre during Vietnam. Calley also had a strong Mars to Pluto aspect in his horoscope, though in his case the aspect was a trine. This easy aspect may explain why he only served three years for his monstrous behavior. The situation in Bales’ horoscope indicates that he will not be this lucky.

Please keep in mind that the examples I have listed here are extreme. A multitude of people are born with Mars to Pluto aspects in their horoscope and never kill anyone or even call an innocent woman a slut on the radio. There are many milder and more positive ways of using the energy of this aspect. They just don’t get much play on the evening news.

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