Secondary Progressions and Demi Mooredemimoore

Secondary progression is a predictive device used by many astrologers to determine the timing of important changes in people’s lives. In this technique we “progress” the natal horoscope one day for ever year lived. If you were born on
Oct. 10, 1977 and we wanted to know something about your 20th year of life we would do a chart for Oct. 30, 1977, and so forth.

The rationale behind progression is that the natal horoscope is not static, that it changes as you grow older, that it develops as your consciousness develops. Progressions show us when potential strengths and weakness, as well as potential good and ill fortune will make themselves apparent in our life. They also force us to face changes in our consciousness and deal with the new problems those changes may present.

Demi Moore’s New Horoscope

A good example of this is the horoscope of Demi Moore. We don’t need progressions to understand Moore’s recent collapse, hospitalization and retreat in the rehab. This is explained by the fact that transiting Mars went retrograde on her Descendant and stayed close to it for weeks, an extremely debilitating aspect. But Moore’s problems obviously began before this most recent incident, probably even before her break up with Ashton Kutcher, and that’s where progressions enter the picture.

First let’s consider the square between Moore’s secondary progressed Mars and her progressed Venus which started getting close in the last half of 2011. This is an aspect that indicates disappointment involving love and sex. It was under this aspect that her relationship with Ashton Kutcher fell apart. Aspects between progressed planets are not, in my opinion, primary factors; even though this one is particularly virulent and long lasting. This leads me to believe that there are other problems.

If we move back to late 2010, we see that Moore’s secondary progress Moon moved opposite her natal Mars and square her natal Neptune. The progressed Moon also squared her natal Mercury. In Moore’s birth chart Mars is square Neptune. Hard aspects to Neptune are classic indicators of drug and alcohol dependency. Since Mars and Neptune are both in fixed signs, it is likely that she attempted to deal with this problem through willful self-control. It is easy to see how the aspect from the progressed Moon could have reactivated a problem that Moore, with her Scorpio strength of will, thought she had mastered. Since Mercury is also involved, her rational minded would have easily been fooled in this regard.

Aspects from the secondary progressed Moon are fleeting. They last no more than a couple of months. So, we have to look still deeper into Moore’s secondary progressed horoscope. When we do, what we find is Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet and it is only after we reach our 40s and 50s that we see a significant change in its placement. In Moore’s case progressed Saturn has moved only four degree, but that four degree makes a square to her natal Mercury that was quite wide at birth, extremely close now.

Saturn square Mercury indicates depression and a tendency toward self-defeating thoughts. It also can indicate narrow-mindedness and an unwillingness to listen to good advice. Many people are born with this aspect and, with time, learn how to manage it but, for Moore, these tendencies are new. And they’re not going to disappear. Progressed Saturn will continue to square her natal Mercury for the rest of her life.

Moore has reached the age where she very likely felt she had the outstanding problems represented in her natal horoscope solved. After all, she had been living with those problems for nearly 50 years. Now she must learn how to deal with a new aspect, as a difficult one at that. This is not an easy challenge for anyone. She will have to apply all that she has already learned about herself, and a little more, in order to master her new, (secondary progressed) horoscope.

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