Can Astrology Predict the Future?

Astrologers study of cycles. We seek to relate the cyclic patterns of the heavens with events and the people living through them here on Earth. When we apply these cycles individual lives, astrology can be amazingly on target.  Important events, the major turning points in our lives, happen just when astrological cycles say they should with such frequency and exactitude that it can be scary even for astrologers. Astrology gives us a wonderful tool for seeing when major events are going to occur. What, however, is a different matter.

True, astrology does give us a lot of clues about the “what” of these life-changing moments. We can usually determine in which area of life—career, relationships, health, etc—an event in going to manifest. We can also know something about how the person will experience the event; whether it will seem sudden and surprising or slow and burdensome, for example. Some astrologer can take all these clues and weave them together into a fairly accurate prediction but, just as often, we find ourselves just pointing to a particular date on the calendar and saying, “Watch out!”

The reason astrologers a better at predicting when something will happen than what that something might be stems from the fact that we all “live” our horoscopes differently. In my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping Changes in Your Life, I describe how bad choices made during one stage of Saturn’s cycle can lead to misfortune during a later stage. But even going beyond good or bad choices, some of us simply come into this life better prepared to get the best out of our horoscopes. Maybe it’s a matter of education or upbringing, or maybe it relates to such mystical matters as fate and karma. In any case, an astrological factor that might spell disaster in one chart could become the means to triumph and enlightenment for another.

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