Following the Moon: June 6, 2024

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart for May 23 I remarked on the “beautiful” configuration of planets that dominated that horoscope (click here to see the article and the chart) and wondered how that would work with the end of the contentious “hush money” trial of Donald Trump. What happened was that he was found guilty. This made around half the country happy, but it didn’t particularly upset the other half. Instead it confirmed their conviction that Trump is the victim and a broad, politically inspired conspiracy. In that sense, everyone in the country got what they wanted.

I expected the guilty verdict and worried that it might result in protests and even violence from some of his supporters. Instead that group seemed strangely quiet. The only protesters who showed up at the courthouse in New York were apparently anti-Trumpers. Of course, we had the usual string of mass shooting, the worst being in Akron, Ohio where 24 people were injured, but nothing that was politically motivated. This was another instance where I was happy to be wrong.

Like that Full Moon chart, the New Moon chart for June 6 is also very active. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) Once again we have Venus conjunct the Sun (and this time also the Moon) but the total configuration is by no means “beautiful.” The Sun, Moon and Venus are all three squared by Saturn, the planet judgment and hard knocks.

On thing that is likely to dominate the news for the next two weeks is the trial of Hunter Biden, the president’s son, for lying on an application for a gun license. This case was adjudicated once but there was such an outcry from Republicans in Congress that that plea deal was withdrawn and a new trial ordered.

It is already evident that the prosecutors in this case are not going to cut Hunter Biden any slack and, since he has already plea guilty to the charges (he changed his plea to not guilty when the new trial was ordered), there would seem to be little doubt as to the final verdict. If the case settled under this lunation chart we can expect that verdict to be particularly harsh.

However, this lunation period is not going got just about Hunter Biden. I expect that Saturn’s harsh judgements to come down in several ways and in several areas. For one thing, there are a number of important cases currently before the Supreme Court in which rulings are pending. Included among them is Donald Trump’s claims of presidential immunity. We could definitely see those rulings come down during the next two weeks and, with Saturn riding high, they will trend toward setting firm boundaries and upholding convention and tradition.

Saturn is not the only malefic active in this chart. We also have Mars in the Tenth House square Pluto. This is a strong aspect with a huge potential for violence and destruction. The fact that Mars in is the Tenth indicates that this could be directed at a figure of authority but, since Pluto is in the Seventh, it could also involve conflict with another country. Even though the judgments of Saturn will have a lot of people cussing during the next two weeks, this is the aspect that could be the real game changer.

It is likely that there will be a connection between what happens with Saturn and what happens with the Mars, Pluto square. A court judgment could spark violence, or an violent incident could result in a harsh judgment. Or it could just be that President Biden (a figure of authority) will be upset by what is happening to his son. We can hope for a milder manifestation of this aspect, but we have to mindful of more dire possibilities.


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