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These days it seems that judges and juries have as much influence on the U.S. politics as the voters. We've just finished with Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial and now it’s Hunter Biden’s turn to face the wheels of justice. Of course, Hunter’s guilt or innocence is not really the issue. It’s how his trial will impact the political standing of his father that will keep these proceedings in the headlines.

Hunter’s natal chart (click on Hunter Biden to see the horoscope) is dominated by a strong opposition between his Mars and Uranus. There is a profound restlessness at the core of his being that makes impulsive and unwise decisions all too likely. This aspect also describes a tendency to rebel and defy convention that is seconded by the placement of his Sun in Aquarius.

Depending on which house system you use, either Hunter’s Sun or his Moon are placed in the Eighth House. Both of these placements can indicate buried anger and unresolved emotional issues. Probably the best thing going on in this chart is the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in Capricorn. Hunter possesses by the intelligence and practicality to answer the unruly and self-destructive indicators in his chart when he chooses to use them.

Right now, the transits to Hunter Biden’s natal chart are not good. Transiting Pluto, slow moving and ominous, is square Biden’s natal Saturn. The combination of two malefics in a hard aspect almost has to be seen as a forecast of dark days. It reminds me was what was happening in Michael Cohen’s chart when he was testifying in the Trump case. (There it was transiting Saturn aspecting Cohen’s natal Pluto.) Cohen endured two grueling day of belligerent questioning by defense attorneys, but in the end it didn’t affect the outcome of the case.

Of course, Cohen was just a witness in that case. Hunter Biden is the person being charged. The charges against Biden have to do with giving false information on an application for a gun license. That might not seem to be a serious matter (particularly since there are many in the country who think that even being required to fill out a form in order to buy a firearm is a violation of their second amendment rights).Nonetheless, we can expect prosecutors in this case to go hard after Hunter Biden. How he handles that grilling will likely be a huge factor in the jury’s verdict.

There is one thing, astrologically speaking, that Biden has going for him as he faces this trial. This is in his secondary progressed chart. For the past six years Biden has been dealing with first his secondary progressed Mercury and then his secondary progressed Sun crossing his natal Mars and opposing his natal Uranus. In other words, that troublesome opposition of Mars and Uranus in his natal chart was being highlighted. Right now, that secondary progressed conjunction is nearing its end. This tells us that this long and difficult passage in Hunter Biden's life is coming to its ultimate conclusion, and regards of the outcome of this case and the tax evasion case that will follow, at some level Biden will feel relieved.

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