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I have to admit that, even though I had predicted in my report on the Full Moon for May 23 that Donald Trump would be convicted, I was surprised at the unanimity of the jury’s verdict and the speed at which it was delivered. I expected that there would be at least three or four days of deliberations before the jury came out with a conviction on most, but not all of the counts against the ex-president. Instead the verdict came down after just a little over 24 hours and the judgment of the jury was “guilty” on all 34 counts.

If I had just looked at the aspects for Thursday, May 29, I would have seen that transiting Mars was square Trump’s natal Saturn on that day. This is a hard aspect between two malefic planets. At the very least it represents a major disappointment. At the very worst, since transiting Mars is in the Eighth House of Trump’s chart (in several of the most commonly used house systems), it could be seen as an indicator of death. (Click on Donald Trump to see the chart.)

Trump’s current plight seems to fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes. But could it be the “death” of Donald Trump’s hopes of winning the 2024 election? There’s no doubt that, for his hardcore supporters, this verdict is just further proof that the justice system and the “deep state” are simply out to get the former president. Their opinion is not going to change. It is the middle-of-the-road voters who may see Donald Trump as an economic miracle-worker that are up for grabs. Will they still be able to believe Trump’s claims now that a jury of twelve nonpartisan citizens has decided that he lied at least 34 time?

For a while now I have been talking about the conjunction of transiting Uranus to Donald Trump’s Midheaven. That aspect is currently just 11 minutes of the arc from being exact. As I said, Uranus is a squirrelly indicator and its influence is difficult to predict, but its main function is to upset the status quo. For the first time in the history of the United States a former U.S. president has been convicted of a felony. That’s a pretty big disruption of the status quo.

Sentencing for this case has been set for July 11. Since this is just a couple of days before the Republican Convention, it is widely believed that the judge will agree to postpone that date. The Trump team had better hope that this is the case. On July 11 transiting Mars will have taken the place of Uranus in a conjunction with Trump’s Midheaven. This is indicative of even more bad news for Donald Trump. It is not a day when he want’s to be facing a judge.

By July Uranus will have moved away from Donald Trump’s Midheaven but that movement will take the planet into a square with Trump’s natal Mars (which is near his Ascendant.) This is a pretty good indication that Trump’s legal troubles are going to continue. Uranus will still be within one degree of this square when it turns retrograde on Sept 1. Then the planet will begin a slow retreat through the square to Trump’s Mars and back to a conjunction with his Midheaven. Uranus will be just beyond a one degree orb of that conjunction when it turns direct at the end of January, and then the process starts again.

If the verdict handed down Thursday is any indication of what this Uranus transit to Donald Trump’s chart is going to be like, then it’s going to be a very long slog for him. Of course, Uranus can surprise us. It can come at you in weird and unpredictable ways. Like he could get elected President of the United States. That’s still a possibility, regardless yesterday’s guilty verdict.


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