Following the Moon: May 23, 2024

In my last FTM article I noted that the chart for the New Moon on May 7 placed the Sun and Moon in the Fifth House of entertainment. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I didn’t know that Stormy Daniels, the former porn star at the center of Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial, was scheduled to the stand on the day of the New Moon. During this lunation period we also had the contentious testimony of Michael Cohen and one witness who so enraged the judge that he ordered the courtroom closed. I had predicted that the trial might become more entertaining, Instead it got louder, messier and more salacious. Of course, for some people, that’s entertainment.

The loud and messy part seems to have spread to the House of Representatives, where a routine committee meeting turned into a shouting match between Republican Marjorie Taylor Green and several Democrats. Meanwhile, a leading figure from the world of entertainment, Sean “Diddy” Combs, seems to have begun a downward slide toward dark realm of the permanently canceled. All in all, I think we got our money’s worth out of the Fifth House during this past lunation period.

The Full Moon chart for May 23 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) places the Moon in the Fifth House. However, there is a lot more going on in this chart than there was in the last lunation. Here we have Venus and Jupiter conjunct the Sun and opposed the Moon. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter all trine Pluto, which is sextile to the Moon, The Moon trines Neptune, which is sextile to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Abstractly, it is a beautiful configuration but not one that readily gives up its meaning.

With both benefics, Venus and Jupiter, conjunct the Sun we tend to expect something good to happen. But for who? It is likely that we will have a verdict in Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial during this lunation. A “not guilty” verdict would certainly be a happy outcome for him and his supporters, but it would be viewed as a disaster the many people who oppose him. The same divide applies to the Supreme Court verdict on presidential immunity, which could possibly come down during this lunation period. It’s hard to imagine a judgement that would not enrage half the country and have the other half cheering.

My feeling is that the prominence of Pluto in this configuration indicates a guilty verdict, but because the aspect to the Sun in a trine, the sentence will either be exceedingly light or indefinitely delayed by a string of appeals. The fact that Neptune is trine the Moon indicates that the public reaction to the verdict will be difficult to determine. The polling will either be ambiguous or deceptive.

What alarms me about this chart in not the “beautiful” configuration with the Sun and Moon. It’s the placement of Mars near the Midheaven. Mars forms very tight semi-square (45 degrees) to the Sun and a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to the Moon. These are not considered first rank aspects but they are of the combative, heated nature of Mars and, with Mars prominently placed in the chart, they can’t be ignored.

While the reaction of the general public to a guilty verdict in the Trump case might be indefinite, there are individuals among his followers who could see it as a call to action. This could lead to angry protests and possibly violence. So, even though the overall look of this Full Moon Chart might seem to promise “good” things, those good things could come at a hefty price.


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