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The “hush money” trial of Donald Trump is set to reach a climactic moment on Monday. Michael Cohen, whose testimony during his own trial in federal court is the source of the allegations against Trump, will be testifying. His testimony is pivotable to the case of the prosecution and his credibility, or lack thereof, is likely to be a key factor in the decision of the jury.

We don’t have a time of birth for Michael Cohen, but I thought it might be interesting to look at a chart done for noon on his birthday (click here to see the chart). I’m also including a double chart with Cohen’s horoscope in the inner circle and a chart for noon on Monday in the outer circle. (Click on here to see that double chart.)

There are several interesting transits impacting Cohen’s chart at this time, but the two that most interest me are the opposition of Saturn to his natal Pluto (and Uranus) and opposition of Pluto to his natal Mars. The later transit is a little wide (2deg05) but Pluto is moving retrograde into the opposition and the aspect will complete in a couple of months.

Both these transits involve malefic planets in hard aspects that have a reputation for bringing forth conflict and discord. This certainly fits the situation. It is expected that Trump’s lawyers will go after Cohen with a vengeance. They are going to hammer at him on past criminal record and admitted mistruths. They will probably skip over the fact at the crimes that Cohen committed and the lies he told were largely on the behalf of Donald Trump and hope that the jury focuses on Cohen lack of credibility.

However, malefic planets aren’t just all about hardship and travail. These are also the planets of discipline and purposeful effort. They bring us focus, resilience and the courage we need in the face of hard times. Even though these transits guarantee that Michael Cohen’s time on the witness stand is going be filled with adversity, they also describe a state of mind prepared to weather whatever comes.

Cohen has said that was “Donald Trump’s thug” when he was in the former president’s employ. He was known for his aggressiveness and his bullying tactics. The defense is sure to bring this up and, in fact, prosecutors in the case have also made it clear in previous testimony that Cohen was not a nice guy when he was working for Donald Trump. It seems clear from these transits that the “thugishmess” will on display when he testifies.

The question is how will this quality play in the courtroom? Will it give Cohen the toughness to weather the storm of questions and allegations that are bound to come from Trump’s attorneys, or will it allow those attorneys to cast Cohen as the true villain of this tawdry story? The answer could not only determine the outcome of this trial, it could also have major implications for the election in November.


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