Following the Moon: May 7, 2024

I have to admit that I expected more from the Full Moon chart for Apr. 23. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) As was expected, Donald Trump’s trial in New York dominated the news but none of the revelations that came out of those proceedings were sufficient to cut into Trump’s lead in the polls. In that article I pointed out that Jupiter would be making a significant transit to Trump’s chart last week. It would seems that the influence of that benefic has so far allowed the former president to maintain his ”Teflon” reputation.

The other big item in the news was the continued protests against the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza and the police reaction to those protests. What we have here is a generation gap between those who grew up with the idea of Israel as a refuge for the victims of the Holocaust and those who grew up viewing Palestinians as the victim of Zionism. Such gaps are not easily bridged.

Considering the weight of these and other issues facing the country, the New Moon chart for May 7 (done for Washington, D.C.) is surprisingly benign. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) There are no squares or oppositions and even the conjunctions, aside from the one between the Sun and Moon, are relatively wide. Compared the ominous look of the last lunation chart, this one seems like a walk in the park.

The Sun and Moon are in the Fifth House, which has to do with children, sports and entertainment. It might mean that the attention of the nation will be diverted by something involving these activities. However, the general feel of the chart indicates that the issues that arise will be more likely to make us glad, or at least amused.

Mercury in this chart is on the IC. Planets conjunct the angles are always important and since Mercury rules the Ninth House of jurisprudence, this seems to assure that the hush money trial of Donald Trump, along with his other legal woes, will continue dominate the news. What this chart could be saying is that what happens during the next two weeks of the trial will be more entertaining.

This brings us back to the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Fifth. Along with children and entertainment, the Fifth House is also associated with love affairs (which sometimes produce children and are often entertaining). The trial in New York is, of course, about an alleged love affair between the former president and a porn star. Maybe the next two weeks will bring us more salacious details about that alleged event.

Mars in this chart is in Aries and it is sextile Pluto. When you put Mars and Pluto together you have to expect intensity, but the sextile aspect describes a simmer rather that a rolling boil. I don’t think we can expect any letup in the intensity of the protests on college campuses. However, an outburst of violence is not likely.

Overall, we can expect the next two weeks to be interesting, perhaps entertaining, but not explosive. It will be a time to focus on your summer plans and enjoy the warm weather. But don’t turn off the news. You might miss something that will make you smile.


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