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Whenever I have a client who is experiencing a serious Neptune transit I advise them to avoid making major decisions or commitments for a while. Neptune represents the transcendence of the rational world through imagination and spirituality. Sometimes it’s transit can bring us moments of creative inspiration and spiritual insight. But, as far as our rational minds are concerned, Neptune transits are typically bad news. They often coincide with periods of delusion, illusion and just plain wrong-headedness.

One place where it has always been easy to find examples of these Neptunian moments is American politics. One current example come to us from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Several weeks ago, with transiting Neptune was square her natal Mercury, Greene announced her intention to move for the removal of House Speaker Mike Johnson if he continued to work with House Democrats in the passage of a budget agreement. (Click of MTG to see a chart done for noon on Greene's date of birth.)


For those of you who don’t follow politics that closely, a look back at recent history might be order. In the Jan 2023 Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House, but only after a protracted battle with the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus of the Republican Party. At this time, Greene threw her support to McCarthy and she was rewarded with a position on several important House committees.

Then, in Oct. 2023, McCarthy was deposed after he worked out a deal with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown, After weeks of fruitless negotiation, Mike Johnson Republicans elected to take McCarthy’s place. Greene maintained her committee positions but now she was no longer bond by whatever deal she had made with the outgoing Speaker. This freed her to start making some headlines of her own.

This is where Neptune enters the picture. Back in in March, as Neptune moved to within one degree of a 90 degree aspect to her natal Mercury, Greene began criticizing Mike Johnson’s leadership and claiming that Democrats and more moderate Republicans had united to form a “uniparty”in order to subvert the agenda of "honest" Republicans.

Not only did this statement ignore the fact that having divergent opinions come together to create a compromise is exactly how democracy is supposed to work, it flies in the face of the generally accepted opinion that the two parties have never been farther apart. When you find yourself arguing with all the experts and commonly accepted theories about reality, it’s time to check where Neptune is in your horoscope.

Obviously, Congresswoman Greene did not do this, and when Johnson made a deal with Democrats to pass a new budget that included military aid for beleaguered Ukraine, she announced her decision to move for his dismissal. In the meantime, the square between transiting Neptune and her natal Mercury has moved beyond the one degree range, but that hasn’t stopped MTG. She is currently vowing to bring the matter to a vote before the entire House of Representatives.

Last year, this was exactly the move that brought an end to Kevin McCarthy’s term as Speaker of the House. However, the situation that Greene faces is much different. This time House Democrats are saying that they will support Mike Johnson, a rare move that almost certainly kills any chance of Greene’s motion getting the required votes. At the same time, only a few members of the Freedom Caucus have joined Greene in her crusade against Johnson. This could turn an almost assured defeat into a major embarrassment.

This is what happens when you let Neptune drive the bus. You gotta know that there’s a cliff somewhere in your immediate future. Neptune will continue to move away from its square to Greene’s natal Mercury in the coming weeks, but in July the planet turns retrograde. The aspect will be back within a one degree range from October until mid-February of 2025. Hopefully, by this time Greene will have learned something about Neptune’s ways, or maybe she’ll find herself an astrologer who will tell what you’re not supposed to do during a Neptune transit.


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