Trump on Trial

We’ve grown used to the sight of former president Donald Trump sitting in a courtroom listening to people say bad things about him. We’ve also grown used to judges fining Trump for violating gag orders. Perhaps the only surprising thing about all of this that Trump has yet to win any of the cases brought agains him. He’s 0 for 2 as it now stands. Is his luck about change?

Currently Trump has two important cases in court. In New York he is on trial for paying “hush money” to a porn star and in Washington the Supreme Court is hearing arguments for and against the former president’s claim of “absolute” immunity from prosecution. Meanwhile, waiting the wings, are the charges of election tampering in Georgia and the cases that special prosecutor, Jack Smith, is making with regard to Trump’s handling of top secret documents and his actions on Jan. 6, 2021.

At first glance, the transits to Donald Trump’s natal chart as he enters the gauntlet (click here to see the horoscope) seem quite positive. Right now transiting Jupiter is conjunct his Midheaven. Jupiter is a benefic. It expands and increases. On the Midheaven, it should expand Trump’s public appeal. However, as a friend of mine likes to point out, Jupiter transits can sometimes increase you troubles instead of your joy, especially when you are in a situation in which trouble predominates.

At present Trump’s Jupiter transit hasn’t done much to improve his situation in the “hush money” case. However, there are some rumblings among the Supreme Court Justices that could make Donald happy. Much to the surprise of legal experts, the Justices seem to be considering, if not absolute immunity, some form of partial immunity. They are still be a long way from making a ruling on the case, but even partial immunity could destroy the case in Georgia and both of Jack Smith’s cases.

Jupiter is moving fast and its conjunction with Trump’s Midheaven will be fading by the weekend. Then Jupiter moves on to a square aspect to Trump’s natal Mars. Here Jupiter expands aggression and combativeness. Since Donald Trump frequently displays plenty of both, this period might bring out more of the negative side of these transits, that is to say, excess. As the trial in New York goes on we might see more violations of the judge’s gag order and more fines (or even a night in jail.)

Meanwhile, the “big” transit impacting Donald Trump’s chart this summer is slowly moving to center stage. That’s the conjunction of Uranus with Trump’s Midheaven. This transit will be within a degree through the last half of May and most of June. Then it will move on to square Trump’s natal Mars. Uranus turns retrograde on Sept. 1 while it is still within a degree of that square and begins a slow journey backwards that will stretch out both that square and it second conjunction with Trump’s Midheaven until the end of the year,

Uranus transits typically coincide with sudden, surprising changes. Sometimes these changes opens up new opportunities for advancement or love but, at other times, the events that coincide with Uranus transits overturn all our expectations and leave us devastated. The fact that, in Trump’s chart, transiting Uranus is squaring his natal Mars might seem to emphasize the negative side. However, in reality, Uranus squares to Mars offer the same 50/50 split between “good” and “bad” as every other Uranus transit.

I’ve said in previous articles that a win for Trump at the Supreme Court, even if it only offered him partial immunity, would fit the Uranian profile. It would not only change the circumstances of Donald J. Trump, it would rewrite the role and augment the power of every president from this year forward. This greatly raises the stakes of that 50/50 bet typical of Uranus transits.

This brings us to the last transit impacting Donald Trump’s horoscope this summer. That is the square by Saturn to his natal Uranus. This transit is just coming into range now and it will pass in a few weeks. But Saturn turns retrograde at the end of June, so this transit will be a factor for much of the summer. Transits in which an outer planet aspects another outer planet are not typically (depending on other astrological factors) impactful to our personal lives. They involve functions that are more abstract and distant for our day-to-day existence. In this case, however, Saturn restrictive energy will be closing off Trump’s need to transcend the ordinary just as that need is being triggered by the conjunction of transiting Uranus to his natal Midheaven.

My feeling is that this Saturn transit is going to blunt Trump’s attempt at an Uranian escape from the long arm of the law. That would, of course, be a contradiction of Donald Trump’s previous experience with these situations. But Uranus is all about disrupting the status quo, and this could be just the dish of disruption that this planet will be serving Mr. Trump during it’s long transit conjunct his natal Midheaven and square his natal Mars.


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