Following the Moon: Apr. 8, 2024

I called the chart for the March 25 Full Moon a “snooze-fest” and, for the most part, the last two weeks have followed that prediction. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) We did have some actions by the court, as were indicated by the emphasis on the Ninth House in that chart, and some shocking events, like the container ship that took out a bridge in Maryland, but nothing that will change the fate of the nation. (Remember, these charts are done for Washington D..C. and apply only to the United States.)

Of course the New Moon chart for Apr. 8 is something special. It is an eclipse chart with the conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurring near the Nodes of the Moon. Eclipse charts are supposed to forecast events occurring over the next six months. I’ve always been suspicious of that claim. Give me a horoscope and six months of events occurring in the entire world and I assure you that I will always find something in those events that aligns with the symbolism of that chart. Therefore, even though this is an eclipse chart, I am going to satisfy myself with events occurring during the next two weeks. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

Once again, we have the Ninth House taking center stage with this chart. indicating that the courts will play a major role in the events of the next two weeks. This is not surprising because the Supreme Court is set to start considering Donald Trump’s claims of presidential immunity during this lunation period, while his criminal trial over paying hush money to Stormy Daniels is, at present, also scheduled to begin soon. The decisions on these two cases could have major ramifications, not just on the next election, but also on the history of the United States.

I’m wondering if the semi-sextile (a weak aspect but generally considered positive) between Jupiter and the Sun and Moon might swing the decision Trump’s way. On the other hand, eclipses have traditionally been considered bad news for people in authority. In ancient times they were sometimes thought to predict the death of a king. Donald Trump is no longer president but he is the unquestionable king of the Republican Party right now.

However, the chance of a Trump victory or defeat in a courtroom is not the thing about this chart that alarms me. That is the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the Eight House. This conjunction describes a violent action committed out of desperation. Such actions have become commonplace in our culture, though they mostly involve small numbers of victims and perpetrators. This aspect could indicate something much more substantial, at least as it is measured by the news media. Given the heightened tensions generated by the war between Israel and Hamas and the bad reputation of eclipses in general, I think we all should be extra cautious and extra alert during this lunation/eclipse season.


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