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I had expressed concern about the prominence of Uranus in the New Moon chart for Mar. 10 (click here to see the article and the chart) but, in the end, I felt that the positive connections between that planet and the Sun and Moon countered those dire apprehensions. This turned out to be the case. Though there were violent incidents in the United States during this lunation period (as there are during every lunation) the Uranian shocks we received were far from cataclysmic.

Since the Sun and Moon in that New Moon chart were in the Second House, money was a major factor during this past lunation, particularly Donald Trump’s money. Trump’s inability to find a surety to post a four hundred million dollar bond while he appeals his fraud conviction has forced him into a risky financial venture that will be playing out during the next lunation. Also, Congress passed another stop-gap budget deal just in time to avoid a government shutdown but, in the process, the Republican Speaker of the House has alienated himself from the hardcore conservatives in his party.

The final shock of this lunation period was Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis. The health concerns of Britain’s Princess of Wales may not have much to do with the citizens of the United States but, despite a revolution and 250 years of independence, our fascination with British royalty endures. Hopefully, the next lunation period will bring better news for the Princess and for us all. (Click on Full Moon to see that chart.)

The most remarkable thing about this Full Moon chart is that it is unremarkable. The only “hard” aspect in the chart is the opposition of the Sun and Moon. Everything else is trines and sextiles. For those astrologers who like finding reasons in these charts for predicting the end of the world, this Full Moon chart represents something of a snooze-fest.

The Full Moon chart places the Sun in the Third House and the Moon in the Ninth. In the past, when we’ve had the Sun or Moon in the Ninth the big events of that lunation period have involved the courts. Of course, given the many legal issues besetting Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, that prediction is almost too obvious.

However, the big legal issue for Donald Trump is his claim of presidential immunity and this issue is not slated for consideration by the Supreme Court until after this lunation period. Hunter Biden was asked to testify again before the House subcommittee investigating his father and refused, citing scheduling conflicts. Since Congress will in recess for the next two weeks, it is also unlikely that anything will happen with that matter. So, a major court decision seems unlikely.

Of course, even within this “snooze-fest” of a chart, there are a few negative indicators. One is the 45 degree and 135 degree aspects that Uranus makes to the Sun and Moon. These are not considered major aspects but anytime Uranus is featured in a configuration there is an opening for chaos. Also, we have Mars in a semi-sextile to Pluto in this chart. This is also a minor aspect and it is generally considered positive, but even a positive aspect with these two planets hints at violence.

The important events of the next lunation period will probably not involve politics or matters of governing or legality. Instead they will come from the actions of individuals and ripples in the flow of popular culture. They may surprise us and occupy our attention for a while but they’re not going to represent major changes in the status quo.


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