GGAMoonFollowing the Moon: Mar. 10, 2024

What struck me about the Full Moon chart for Feb. 24 (click here to see the article and the chart) was the conjunction of Mars and Venus and the fact that both planets were square Jupiter. I expected an explosion of passion and confrontational behavior. I think we got the best example of that with Joe Biden’s fiery State of the Union address, which was less about the state of the union and more about calling out all the people who doubted him.

Otherwise, there was little movement on the big issues of the day during this lunation period. The situations in Gaza and Ukraine continue to deteriorate, the troubles of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden continue to bounce around the legal system and politicians continue be more concerned with the next election than what’s happening in the country right now. This is pretty much what we expect when a lunation chart placed the Sun in the Moon in Cadent Houses.

The chart for the New Moon on Mar. 10, 2024 is a little different. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) First of all, the Sun and Moon are in the Second House. When the Sun and Moon are in Succedent Houses we usually get some sort of movement, even if it is not definitive. With the Second House we might expect something to do with finance. Concerns about the budget and the deficit are an important factors in the current battle between Congress and the Biden administration. We might see an event that accentuates this conflict.

However, the big news of this lunation period is probably not going to be this ancient political fight over spending. It’s going to be something totally different, something that takes us by surprise. In this New Moon chart we have a close square between Mars and Uranus, and Uranus is placed on the I.C. Whenever you have Uranus on an angle it’s time to put out storm warnings and, with the square to Mars, that storm could turn violent.

One of the things that we associate with Mars square Uranus is sudden outbursts of anger. Given the divisiveness of our current political situation and the prevalence of gun violence in this country it’s hard not to expect something awful coming out of such an outburst. And yet, Uranus specializes is giving us what we don’t expect. My guess is that whatever coincides with this configuration is not going to follow the all-too-common scenario of “lone man with a gun.”

This chart might fool us in yet another way. Mars is semi-sextile the Sun and Moon and Uranus is sextile the two lights. The typical reading of this is that these “easy” aspects will “siphon off” some (or maybe all) of the destructive energy of Mars square Uranus. We might still be surprised by the resulting event but it will lack the violence and outrage that so often accompanies the events that coincide with this transit.

On the other hand, a more pessimistic astrologer might say that this configuration of Mars and Uranus with the Sun and Moon only serves to entangle this New Moon with dangerous energy of Mars square Uranus. This could make this lunation chart even more ominous. Personally, I’m leaning toward the first reading of this configuration and hoping for a surprise that’s closer to pleasant than disastrous. We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not my optimism is justified.


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