Immunity Goes Supreme

One of the amazing things about Donald Trump is the way in which he avoids facing the consequences for his actions. To his enemies, this is infuriating and to his supporters it is just further proof of either his genius or his “in” with God, depending on which side of his base you ask. Well, now it seems that the Supreme Court will be deciding whether or not to make that apparent immunity official. On Apr. 22 the Supreme Court will begin hearings on the issue of Donald Trump’s claims of presidential immunity.

Astrologically, the date set for the case to be heard seems to be another example of the Donald Trump magic. On April 22 transiting Jupiter will be crossing Trump’s Midheaven. (Click on Donald Trump to see his horoscope.) This is an extremely fortunate aspect. There are some other transits impacting his chart that are less positive, but most of those transits are fleeting. The Jupiter conjunction to Trump’s MC will be within two degrees until the middle of May.

Seeing this reminded me of another Jupiter transit to Donald Trump’s chart. On March 22, 2019 Jupiter was opposed to Trump’s natal Sun. It was on that date the Robert Mueller released his report on accusations of collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election. That report, at least as it was presented to the public by the Attorney General Bill Barr, seemed to exonerate Donald Trump.

This was a good day for Donald Trump. Or was it. The problem with Jupiter transits is that, even though they can be fantastically positive, they do not teach us anything. Instead, they encourage us to do whatever it is we’re doing, and if what we’re doing is unwise, they can make the inevitable crash that much harder.

A few months after that Jupiter transit Trump made his famous phone call to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, strongly hinting that military aid to his country, that had been previously approved by Congress, might be held up unless Zelenskyy began a criminal inquiry into the business activities of Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The contents of this phone call were eventually made public and Democrats in the House of Representative began talking about impeachment.

Meanwhile, Jupiter had turned retrograde in April, 2019 and direct again in August. By Oct. 31, 2019 Jupiter was once more opposed to Donald Trump’s natal Sun (and within a couple of degrees of a conjunction to his natal Moon.) On that day the House voted to begin an impeachment inquiry into Trump's phone call. This inquiry, of course, resulted in Trump’s first impeachment.

As we all know, when this impeachment went the Republican controlled Senate, Senators, who had sworn an oath to hear the evidence in the case, refused to listen to it, and this became another example of Donald Trump evading the consequences of his actions. Or was it? No one can say with certainty what effect Trump’s impeachment trial had on the 2020 election, which followed the Senate’s verdict by just eight months, but the fact is that Trump lost that election. Try as he may (and he did try) this was one consequence he could not evade.

We can’t take any of this as predictive of what will happen when Trump’s bid for presidential immunity goes before the Supreme Court. Every transit is different. This is particularly true in this case. In April Uranus will also be nearing a conjunction with Trump’s Midheaven and Uranus is always unpredictable.

The presence of Uranus in this configuration might be seen as helpful for the ex-president, since Uranus is associated with shocking, revolutionary events (which a verdict in his favor would certainly be). On the other hand, Uranus is the enemy of the status quo and, for Donald Trump, immunity has (almost) always been his status quo.


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