Following the Moon: Feb. 24, 2024GGAMoon

In my analysis of the New Moon chart for Feb. 9 (click here to see the article and the chart) I predicted that there could be bad news for a figure of authority. That figure of authority (or former figure of authority, depending on who you ask) turned out to be Donald Trump who was saddled a 400 million plus judgment in his business fraud case in New York. Trump will, of course, appeal but experts are dubious about his chances of winning such an appeal.

I also pointed out that the conjunction of Mars and Pluto could indicate an escalation of the US involvement in the conflict going on in the Mideast. I also said that the house placement of that conjunction made such an escalation unlikely. In fact, it was the war between Russia and Ukraine that was in the news. True to the symbolism of the Sixth House, it was procedural issues that caused the problems. The stalling of promised military aid to Ukraine in the US House of Representatives has put the Ukrainian at a severe and deadly disadvantage.

The Full Moon chart for Feb. 24 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) does not promise anything like a quick fix to this problem. The Sun and Moon are in the cadent Twelfth and Sixth House, placements that indicated that the important stuff will be happening outside public view. It’s all about the subtext with this placement, and particularly the subtext hidden with the apparently routine and procedural.

The fact that both Mercury and Saturn are aspecting the Sun and Moon but not (using conventional orbs of five degrees) aspecting each other is interesting. This configuration seems to describe a situation in which one group of people is struggling to get information out the public while another, approaching the situation from an entirely different angle, are trying to maintain secrecy. Given the mess of narratives and counter-narratives that litter the news these days, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

However, the aspect that most gets my attention in this chart is the close conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius, which are square to Jupiter and semi-sextile Saturn. The conjunction of Venus and Mars describes passion. The square to Jupiter expands that passion in ways that could be irrational and destructive. We might think that this might result in a highly publicized sex scandal, but the fact that Venus and Mars are in Aquarius hints that the outlet of this passion could be more about politics than romance.

We could see people acting on their political concerns in ways that are extreme and confrontational. These acts might be intended to express their love of a particular cause or group of people but will also express their hostility toward a different opinion or a different group. Since Jupiter is in Taurus in the Second House, the expenditure or waste of money and resources could also be a factor. With this configuration, what starts out as a difference of opinion could get very messy.

Still, I think that we’re likely to slide through the next two weeks in blissful ignorance about what’s really happening. There might be some excitement along the way, but it will likely involve a particular group of people disagreeing about a particular issue. We might worry about what we’re missing but the fact is that the issues in question are so complex that we probably wouldn’t be able to do much about them even if we saw them in the clear light of day.


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