Joe Biden Forgets Stuff

Yesterday’s New Moon was square Joe Biden's natal Mercury and it brought him mixed blessings (Click here to see Biden's horoscope.) On the one hand the special prosecutor in charge of investigating Biden’s handling of top secret documents found that no crime had been committed by the President. On the other the prosecutor felt obliged to insert comments about Biden’s failing memory into his report.

These comments were particularly damaging to President Biden, who turned 81 last Nov, because his advanced age is already a major concern for voters. They also give us a clue to what transiting Pluto will be doing in Joe Biden’s horoscope now that it’s pulled to within a degree of its square to his natal Moon. Pluto has to do with power and it appears that the power that will be assailing the President as he runs for reelection will be the power of public perception.

There was also evidence of this in what happened in the Congress a few day back. A bill that was supposed to deal with the immigration crisis and that had bipartisan support in the Senate was dismissed out-of-hand by Republicans in the House. Immigration will be the other big issue in the upcoming election and the fact that the Biden administration is unable to address it will likely to cost him votes.

This is often what happens with a Pluto transit. We are frustrated by circumstances beyond our control and subject to powers greater than our own. We get pushed around by life. However, there is another side to these transits. They can also show us the way to accessing our own power. This may require some digging and some soul-searching and there is no guarantee that the power you find will be enough to overcome the power that is oppressing you but, at the end of the day, it will still be your power.

Joe Biden reacted to the prosecutor’s comments with outrage. Generally known for his affable, easy-going Sagittarian Ascendant, he showed some of the Scorpio side of his horoscope. An angry Scorpio is a fearsome thing. They don’t often shout but when they do you know they mean it. Maybe pulling some of that deep, unrelenting Scorpio rage out of his Twelfth House and showing it to the world will become Joe Biden’s means to power. Does Biden still have enough to that Scorpio power to win the presidency? That remains to be seen.


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