Following the Moon: Feb. 9, 2024GGAMoon

Since the Full Moon charr for Jan. 25 emphasized (click here to see the article and the chart) the Ninth House, I had expected that we would see action in some of the many court cases that are in the news. I also noted that the conjunction of the Sun in the Ninth with Pluto indicated bad news for the defendant in those cases.

That certainly was the case for Donald Trump, who was ordered to pay an enormous settlement in the defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll and had his claims of presidential immunity dismissed by an appellate court. In other court proceedings, Trump had his suit against the British spy who produced the famous dossier on Trump’s connections with Russia dismissed, the Supreme Court is considering the claims that Trump's actions on Jan. 6, 2021 disqualify his candidacy and the special prosecutor in the investigation of Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents announced that he has completed his work though he has yet to release his findings.

I had also predicted a secret military action. That action came but it was no secret. The Biden administration hit back at Iran and Iranian surrogates in response to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers. Whether or not this will result in a further widening of the war in the Middle East is a question we will have to ask the New Moon chart for Feb. 9, 2024. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

At first glance, the answer to that question is not hopeful. In this New Moon chart we have Uranus almost exactly on the degree of the Midheaven and forming a close square with the Sun and Moon, which widely conjunct the Descendant. This certainly indicates that we will see significant and surprising events occurring during the next two weeks. However, I’m not so sure that these events will involve a war.

We do have Mars in a cross-sign conjunction with Pluto, which is a classic indicator of conflict, but the two planets are stuck in the Sixth House and Mars is in a close sextile to Neptune. This describes a conflict that takes place outside the public view and is more about posturing and procedures than actual combat. Of course, the strength of Uranus in the chart interjects a level of uncertainty into everything. The posturing could get out of hand and what was supposed to be secret could be revealed.

Another way of looking at Uranus on the Midheaven is to see the Midheaven as the cusp of the Tenth House and the seat of authority. There could be shocking revelations about President Biden or some other figure of authority. We could see the downfall of someone high up in the either the chain of command or the esteem of the public.

Still, I’m don’t see Uranus in this chart as a forecast of disaster. I say this because of its trineGGAMoon
to Venus. This aspect counters the notion of war and describes Uranian surprises of a more benign and less destructive nature. This could be something involving technology or, since Venus is in the Fifth House of entertainment, it could involve the run up to the Oscars. These events might leave us flabbergasted and disturbed, but they’re not going to take us into World War III.


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