Following the Moon: Jan. 25, 2024GGAMoon

Looking at the New Moon chart for Jan. 11 (click here to see the article and the chart) I had expected a significant event in one of Donald Trump’s many court cases. However, though there was movement in the fraud case in New York and questions about the prosecutor in the Georgia case, none of these developments was definitive. Instead it was the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary that told the story. Trump’s big win in both seems to give him a lock on the nomination.

I thought Mars in the Twelfth House of that chart might describe a secret military mission. It was revealed a couple of days that two Navy Seals died in an operation that involved boarding a ship in the Arabian sea and seizing Iranian made weapons destined for Yemen. That operation occurred on Jan. 11, the day of the New Moon.

The Full Mon chart for Jan. 25 (click on Full Moon to see the chart) places the Sun in the Ninth House of jurisprudence. The Sun and Moon form a T-square with Jupiter which, as the natural ruler of the Ninth, is also associated with the courts. It would seem that the movement in the various court cases currently in the news that I was expecting during the last lunation is set to roll forward during this one.

The one case that seems most likely to fulfill this prediction is the fraud case in New York. Trump is facing a lifetime ban from doing business in that state and, since there’s big building with his name on it in the middle of Manhattan, that could sting. Since the Sun is conjunct Pluto in the Ninth House of the Full Moon Chart. The outlook for the former president on this issue is not good.

However, the trial of Donald Trump might not be the big issue during this lunation period. We also have a conjunction of Mars with Mercury (the ruler of the chart) in the Eighth House. This conjunction has warlike implications and the fact that Mar and Mercury are trine Uranus in the Twelfth could describe more secret missions involving U.S. troops in the Middle East. The worry here is that such activity could lead to a widening of the war in that region.

On the other hand, the fact that we have Saturn in the Tenth House in this chart, sextile both Jupiter and Venus, indicates that whatever happens during the lunation period will increase the prestige of the people in charge. Moreover, the emphasis on Jupiter in this chart seems to describe a generally positive period.

Of course, we also have to consider the placement of Jupiter in the Twelfth House of secrets. It may be that we will remain optimistic because we don’t know what’s really happening. That is definitely a disconcerting notion, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the good time while they last.


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