Ron DeSantis Drops Out

Ron DeSantis announced that he was suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination yesterday. The announcement was hardly a surprise. His candidacy had been in foundering since last summer. With Donald Trump taking up all the “tough guy” territory, DeSantis' anti-wove rhetoric just seemed redundant and voters were unimpressed.

DeSantis began his campaign for the nomination on May 24, 2023. At that time transiting Saturn was moving opposite his natal Saturn. (Click here to see a horoscope done for noon on DeSantis’ date of birth.) Beginning a major undertaking under a Saturn Cycle aspect is generally a good thing, particularly if you have made the proper preparations and paid your dues.

DeSantis certainly seemed to have done that. As governor of Florida he had checked all the MAGA boxes with regard to immigration, education and the “woke” agenda. He had also achieved national recognition. If Republicans wanted a younger and more polished version of Donald Trump, without the excess weight and the bizarre comb-over, he was their man.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, a lot of the Republicans seem to be quite happy with the version of Donald Trump they have. This became evident for DeSantis in July, 2023, when Saturn was making its retrograde opposition to his natal Saturn. At this time two of the candidate’s senior advisors left his campaign and he was forced to layoff staffers and cancel public appearances because of a lack of funds.

DeSantis kept on campaigning. He showed up at all the debates and made a great show of verbally slugging it out with Nikki Haley. Then came the Iowa caucuses and DeSantis lost badly. He apparently anticipated a similar drubbing in the New Hampshire primary and decided to call it quits.

His timing was almost perfect, astrologically speaking. Yesterday’s announcement came with Saturn making its last pass in opposite to DeSantis’ natal Saturn. Saturn Cycle aspects are always important. They provide us with the focus and the discipline to accomplish great things, but that’s not always a guarantee for success.

Saturn transits also bring us judgment. They show us what we’re lacking, where we’ve misjudged and overstepped. The object is to learn from these judgments. People with Saturn strong in their horoscopes recognize this and profit from their failures. Since we don't have a complete chart for Ron DeSantis we'll just have to wait and see how he handles this Saturn setback.


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