Following the Moon: Jan. 11, 2024GGAMoon

The strong aspects between Mars, Mercury and Neptune in the Full Moon chart for Dec. 26, 2023 (click here to see the article and the chart) indicated an explosion of violence. Instead we got a battle of wills, between Hunter Biden and House Republicans, between Donald Trump and both his political and legal detractors and between supporters of Israel and supporters of the Palestinians. These battles, and others like them, brought us a great deal of tension during the past lunation period, but little in the way of resolution.

The Fifth House of entertainment was emphasized in that Full Moon chart and we got the beginning of Hollywood’s awards seasons with their parades of pretty people wearing pretty clothes. We probably needed that bit of glamor to distract us from the confusion and ugliness that seems to dominate the rest of the world, but the New Moon chart for Jan.11 tells us that it’s time to put those distraction aside and prepare for action. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)

This is strong chart with The Sun and Moon in the First House, an indicator of important developments. The Sun and Moon are trine Uranus. This tells us that the important things that happen during the next two weeks are going to come at us from unexpected directions and that the outcomes will surprise us.

The trine is considered to be a predictor of positive things. The problem is that the American people are so divided on so many issues that imagining an outcome that would please everyone is difficult. Another thing about trines, though, is that they tend to advance our expectations, Even though what happens during this lunation period might surprise us on one level, it will be an echo of the status quo on another.

It seems inevitable that some of these outcomes will involve one or more of the many court cases swirling around Donald Trump. The effort to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress is advancing in the House of Representatives and his trial for tax evasion is beginning today in California. There’s also the possibility of a widening war in the Middle East. Of course, since Uranus is involved, we can’t rely on our expectations.

The good news in this chart is the fact that Jupiter is conjunct the I.C. Jupiter expands. It brings reasons for hope and renewal. In this chart Jupiter forms a tight sextile with Saturn and a trine to Mars. Mars is strongly placed in Capricorn but it is in the Twelfth House of secrets. This could describe a secret military action that makes the homeland more secure.

The prominence of Jupiter in this chart does promise that the upcoming lunation period will be generally positive. There will be reason for optimism, but we have also consider the square between Mercury, which is also placed in the Twelfth, and Neptune. This indicates that at least some of our optimism will be based on false assumptions and incomplete information. No matter how well things seem to be going during the next two weeks, we shouldn’t let down our guard.


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