Joe Biden in 2024: Part Three

In Part One and Two of this series I discussed the transits of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto that will be impacting the horoscope of Joe Biden in 2024. Those transits are all so-called “hard” aspects, conjunctions, squares and oppositions. Neptune will also be making an interesting transit to Biden’s natal chart. However, here the aspect will be a trine.

I’ve always been partial to the “hard” aspects because these are the aspects that create change. Change makes us uncomfortable. Change forces us to grow and match our abilities against the problems of the world. That’s almost never easy. Something we fail and make mistakes. But change is essential if we are to live a full life.

“Easy” aspects like sextiles and trines are easy because they tend to reinforce the status quo. Even when these transits bring change, it is usually change that is expected, that is part of the natural process. It is change without conflict or struggle. That might feel “good” but it doesn’t give you the opportunity to move forward.

That’s why I don’t often write about trines. However, the trines that Neptune in making in Joe Biden’s chart in 2024 are a little different. First of all, they’re going to be around for a long time. It early January Neptune will move to within one degree of a trine to Joe Biden’s Sun. After that it will immediately move into a one degree trine to Biden’s natal Venus (which is one degree away from his Sun.)

On May 26 Neptune will move beyond that one degree orb to Biden’s Venus, but it doesn’t go far. On July 2, 2024 Neptune turns retrograde (as observed from Earth) and begins moving back toward Biden’s Venus. It will be reestablish that one degree orb by Aug. 9. What this means is that, with the exception of June and July, Neptune will be within one degree of aspecting Biden’s Sun and Moon for all of 2024 and the aspect will never be beyond a two degree orb.

Neptune aspects don’t shake us up the way Uranus transits can. This is doubly true with a Neptune trine. It’s influence remains in the background, preparing the ground for the more active squares and oppositions. Nonetheless, that influence can be maddening. At their worst Neptune transits coincide with periods in which we feel ineffectual and confused. Our action don’t have the desired effect and we seem to be spilling our wheels.

At their best, though, Neptune transits provide hope. That hope might not seem totally in line with the facts but that doesn’t matter to Neptune. What matters to Neptune is the dream. It is interesting that Joe Biden announced his intention to seek a second term when Neptune was nearing it’s first trine to his natal Sun in late April, 2023. Not everyone thought this was a good idea. They thought he was too old and that his poll numbers were too low. However, Biden was pursuing a dream.

“Follow your dreams” might read nice on a greeting card but it’s hardly a formula for success in the gritty world of American politics. However, for Joe Biden, it could provide just the edge he needs. As I said, trines reinforce the status quo and right now the status quo is a Biden presidency. That’s the way Joe Biden sees it, and if trine aspects turn out to be as “easy” and “good” as they are advertised to be, maybe his dream will come true.


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