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In Part One of this series I discussed the Uranus transits that will be impacting Joe Biden’s horoscope in 2024 but, as I said I that article, for Biden Uranus is just the beginning. This summer Saturn will be crossing Biden’s I.C., an important passage in one of the Saturn Cycles. At the same time, and really for most of the year, Pluto will be square Biden’s natal Moon. (Click here to see Joe Biden’s horoscope.)

Saturn and Pluto often play the role of the “heavy” in astrology. Saturn is associated with judgment and its transits, particularly Saturn Cycle transits, are often times when are forced to face our shortcomings and deal with past transgressions. Pluto is the planet of the inevitable and all those forces in life, natural, social and institutional, that move us whether we want to be moved or not.

That sounds pretty ominous and, in many cases, these transits can be difficult. In others, however, they can coincide with events that are positive. Much depends on where we are in our lives and how prepared we are meet the special challenges that come with these transits. In different ways, both Saturn and Pluto bring us “teaching moments” and we have to ready to absorb the lesson that is offered.

Saturn doesn’t actually complete its conjunction to Biden’s I.C. in 2024. It goes retrograded in late June about a half a degree away from the angle. However, the motion of the planet (relative to the Earth) slows around this time so that the transit will be within a degree for all of June and July.

During this period Biden will be tested. How he deals with this test will largely determine what transpires during the transit. If he has skeletons in his closet, as House Republicans assume, they will come out at this time. If he has health issues that he has not addressed, they will become critical. Psychological issues can also be a factor, Self-doubt and insecurity can come the surface during these transits and become an obstacle.

On the other hand, Biden could find himself in a situation that teaches him something important about himself and his life. The affairs of the I.C. and the Fourth House tend to be personal. What matters most is not what happens, but how you feel about what happens and how that event fits into the context of your own life experience.

I think that it’s quite possible that the events that accompany Saturn’s approach to Biden’s I.C. will be significant only to him. This is also a possibility with the Pluto square to his natal Moon though, given the duration of this transit, I feel that what happens here will carry too much weight to be kept under wraps.

Pluto has a lot to do with power, using power and being used by power. Joe Biden is currently in a position of great power which makes the former seem more likely. However, I don’t think we can entirely dismiss the later. After all, for a presidential candidate the power of the electorate has the final word. In that regard it’s interesting that just about the only time in 2024 that his aspect is outside a one degree orb is in Oct. and early November.

As ominous as this Pluto transit might seem, I think that its connection to power could give Joe Biden a slight edge as far as the politics are concerned. Much will depend on how Uranus treats Donald Trump. Also, we have to consider the many other ways that Pluto square Biden’s Moon could impact his life. Pluto transits are long, their influences can be varied and they often coincide with periods in which we feel weighed down by heavy burdens.

With this transit, winning an election might the least of Joe Biden’s problems. One concern is Biden’s health but we also have to consider how a Biden win would inflame that substantial section of the population who still think that the 2020 election was rigged. There’s every reason to believe that a Trump win would have a similar effect on the other side. Whatever happen on Nov. 5, 2024, the remainder of Biden’s first term is going to loaded down with burdens and this Pluto square will remain within a one degree orb until March, 2025.

In Part Three of this series I will discuss the influence of transiting Neptune in Joe Biden’s horoscope.


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