Joe Biden in 2024: Part One

In two earlier articles I wrote about the transits coming up for Donald Trump in 2024. (Click on Part One or Part Two to see those articles.) The focus of those articles was the transits by Uranus that will be impacting Trump’s chart in 2024 and the radical changes that such transit can represent. Joe Biden will also be dealing with a couple of Uranus transits in 2024, though for him that’s only the beginning.

Uranus and Joe Biden should be old friends by now. He started with Uranus opposite his natal Mars during the first year of his administration. Then Uranus moved on to an opposition to his natal Mercury. That transit will make it’s last contact in April, 2024 but it very quickly replaced by a opposition of transiting Uranus to natal conjunction of Biden’s Sun and Venus. That aspect is going to be a primary factor from late July until mid-Oct of 2024. (Click here to see a horoscope for Joe Biden.)

Uranus bring change. These changes can be positive or negative. Either way they come at your in a rush and in ways that are contrary to your expectations and well-made plans. The Biden administration has seen plenty of these Uranian changes, starting with the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the legal troubles swirling around the president’s son. Thus far Biden has held up rather well under this barrage of uncertainty, but the changes waiting for him in 2024 could represent the biggest challenge of all.

When Uranus is active in your chart you cannot assume to know what the road before you will be like. In order to navigate this road you have to be willing to embrace change and alter you plans accordingly. For a person will a lot of Fixed Signs in his chart, like Biden, that could be difficult. On the other hand, Uranus sits on his Descendant. He’s been dealing with the shifting agendas of this planet his whole life. That could give him an advantage.

Given that his most likely opponent in the 2024 election will also be dealing with Uranus transits, the changes in Biden’s road could have something to do with changes in Donald Trump’s situation. We also have to consider the tax evasion and firearms charges against Hunter Biden. Republican’s in the House have spent months searching for an incriminating connection between Hunter’s problems and the president. Maybe 2024 will give them that smoking gun. Another possibility is a third party candidate who might steal votes from one or the other of the two contenders for presidency.

The Uranus opposition to the Sun and Venus is probably the most worrisome connection. The Sun has to do with our overall vitality and Venus rules Biden’s Sixth House of health. This could indicate a sudden health crisis for Biden. This would obviously upset his bid for reelection. This is something we need to watch for in the late summer and early Fall of 2024 as well as the middle of 2025, when the transit makes its last pass.

Of course, as I said in the article on Donald Trump in 2024, predicting Uranus is a fool’s game. All the issues I’ve mentioned are certainly critical but they are things we might expect from our current vantage point. Uranus almost always finds ways to surprise us and, given the political divide and rising tensions that currently exists in this country, there are plenty of surprises to be had.

In part two of these series of articles I will discuss the transits of Saturn and Pluto that will be impacting Biden’s chart.


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