Following the Moon: Dec. 26, 2023GGAMoon

I promised that we would see some Neptunian weirdness during this past lunation (click here to see the article and the chart) and we did, though it was a sad kind of weirdness. That was the judgment against Rudy Giuliani that forced him to declare bankruptcy. A little over 20 year ago Giuliani was among the most popular men in America. Regardless of what you think of the particulars of the case against him, his downfall is still regrettable and difficult to understand.

Uranus was also a factor in the Dec. 12 New Moon chart, making a quincunx to the Sun and Moon. True to form, we got a bit of a Uranian jot with the Supreme Court refusing to “fast track” Donald Trump’s claims of immunity in the case against him related to the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This judgment was not conclusive but it will likely cause the trial, now set for March 2024. to be delayed.

The Full Moon chart for Dec. 26 has the Sun in the Fifth House and the Moon in the Eleventh. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) This combination highlights creativity and creative people. It also places an emphasis on people working together toward a common goal. This lunation period could bring us some hopeful news about people collaborating and finding creative solutions to problems. This news might just be a diversion from the messiness going on elsewhere, but it is a diversion that we all need.

The reason I’m optimistic about this chart is because the Sun and Moon make positive aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn. This implies a balance between high-flying idealism and hard-nosed practicality. That is a balance that is really hard to come by in today’s world and if the lunation can bring us just a few people who are able to pull it off, it will be good news for everyone.

The placement of Venus in this chart, however, provides a cautionary note. Venus is in Scorpio, which is not a good sign for this planet, and it is trine Neptune. This would normally be considered a positive aspect but Venus so weak and Neptune so strong (in its own sign of Pisces) it encourages escapism and irrational thinking. We have to be careful how we handle the positive news that may come our way and make sure our expectations are realistic.

This brings us to the part of this Full Moon chart that is not so cheery. Along with its trine to Venus, Mars also makes square aspect (a very tight one) to Mars which is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. This indicates that the unrealistic expectations of the Neptune to Venus trine could lead to violence. These aspect could also describe protests that get out of control or individuals driven to extremes by misinformation or an irrational ideology.

We could see a situation in which the positive indicators in the Full Moon chart lead people to lower their guard, allowing the negative indicators to have more impact and do more damage, but I think that it’s more likely that these scenarios will play out separately. I think that this lunation period will bring us a call for balance. That call could be amplified by a woeful lack of balance revealed in the actions of certain groups or misguided individuals.


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