Donald Trump in 2024 (Part Two)

Donald Trump will be experiencing two major transits in 2024. In part one of this article I discussed the first of these transits, the conjunction of transiting Uranus to Trump’s Midheaven. Now let’s consider the second, the square Uranus will make to his natal Mars.

What makes this aspect especially interesting is its duration. Uranus moves to within one degree of completing the aspect on July 2, but then the motion of the planet relative to the Earth begins to slow. Then, in September, Uranus turns retrograde, stretching the span of that one degree orb to Nov. 5. That’s right, election day 2024.

In part one I talked about the how difficult it is to predict Uranus transits. They can at times coincide with events that are extremely positive. At other times they coincide with events that are absolutely devastating. And they almost always to do this in ways that surprise or even shock us.

The timing of this transit indicates that it will not be a factor in the first three of the court cases that are hanging over Trump’s head as he enters the 2024. As of now, the court dates for those cases are scheduled earlier in the year. That leaves the Georgia election tampering charge, for which a tentative court date has been set for Aug.14, 2024. What makes the case special is the fact that, if Trump were to be found guilty, he wouldn’t be able to later set aside the verdict if he were elected president.

As I said in part one, I don’t think that the Uranian surprise that we expect with Uranus transits is going to come out of these court cases, at least not this year. Both of Trump’s Uranus transits are going to make another pass during the first half of 2025. With the delaying tactics that Trump’s lawyers are employing and the possibility of appeal, I don’t expect a definitive verdict on these matters until then.

In part one I said that the impact of the conjunction of Uranus to Trump’s Midheaven would make itself evident in matters unrelated to his legal troubles. I think that the same thing applies to the square by Uranus to his natal Mars. In keeping with squirrelly nature of this planet, that impact is going to come out of a place where no one is currently looking and, also in keeping with the unpredictability of Uranus, it could be either very good or very bad.

However, there are a couple of things we can say about this transit. Though Uranus transits can always hit us with something out of the blue, they typically involve taking an action that is in some way uncontroversial or risky. This is particularly the case with Uranus aspects to Mars. Under these transit you feel compelled to take action, even when that action is subject to doubts and criticisms. You stick your neck out and hope the ax doesn’t fall. Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong.

As I’ve said before, Donald Trump is a Uranian character. This and the fact that his Mars in Leo is placed so close to his Ascendant means that he’s used to taking risks. Some of the risks he’s taken in the past have paid huge dividends. Others have landed him in bankruptcy court or some other legal entanglement. Of course, the risks Trump takes in 2024 are different. They don’t just impact his businesses. They could decide the fate of this country.

There are other astrological factors at play, other transit and secondary progressions. There are also many other predictive techniques that might be employed to tell us what kind of year 2024 might be for Donald Trump. However, going through those techniques and weighing the good against the bad opens the way to a more subjective judgment. I prefer to avoid this and leave the matter open. These Uranus transits tell us how the game will be played. The final score is something that we’ll have to wait for.


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