Following the Moon: Dec. 12, 2023

With its big T-square involving the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the Full Moon for Nov. 27 had me spooked. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Thankfully, the terrorist attack that I had thought might be a possibility did not develop. My second choice, unfortunately, a major weather event, did, with deadly tornadoes sweeping through Tennessee.

I thought the other major aspect in that Full Moon chart, the square between Mercury and Neptune, indicated deception, scandal and confusion regarding economic matters, Instead, Neptune showed itself in politics. George Santos, noted for his various falsehoods, was expelled from Congress. A few days later a special prosecutor issued an indictment in the tax evasion case against Hunter Biden. A few days after that Republican’s in the House opened impeachment proceeding against President Joe Biden, even though they have yet to establish the crime with which they are charging him.

The New Moon chart for Dec. 12, puts the Sun and Moon in the Sixth House. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) When the Sun and Moon placed in a Cadent House it is usually an indication that the what happens during this lunation period will not be conclusive. However, the rest of the chart tells us that even without conclusions, it is still going to be an interesting lunation period.

The fun starts with Neptune square the Sun and Moon. Normally this might describe goings on that are sneaky and kept on the down low, but in this chart Neptune is placed near the Midheaven, the most public place in the horoscope. Neptunian deception might be less a factor than good ol Neptunian weirdness. We might see this in people behaving in ways that are odd or self-defeating, or occurrences that are defy rational explanation.

This Neptune aspect is accompanied by a quincunx to the Sun and Moon from Uranus. This aspect can also describe weird and surprising events, but in this case I think it is more about instability and disruption. These disruptions could involve holiday travel or some of the technologies we count on. Delays, detours and shakeups are likely. They may not do permanent damage but they will keep us guessing.

Finally we get to the opposition of Venus to Jupiter. Venus is in Scorpio where it is typically does not do well and the opposition can be a troublesome aspect. However, since both planets make positive contacts to Mercury I’m inclined to see this as a hopeful configuration, very much in tune with the Christmas season. Of course, the combination of Venus and Jupiter is also in tune with overindulgence, overspending and overdoing, but what’s the Christmas season without a little bit of all three.


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