Elon Musk: Trapped in the Twelfth HouseMuskElon Image

In my last article I talked about Elon Musk’s Sun sign, Cancer. The Sun sign is, of course, the single most important indicator in the horoscope. However, the house placement of the Sun is a close second. Musk’s Sun is placed in the Twelfth House and having the Sun in the Twelfth tells us just as much about Elon Musk has does his Sun sign. (Click on Elon Musk to see the chart.)

If you know anything about the astrological houses, this placement of Musk’s Sun might seem strange. According to astrological tradition the Twelfth is the house of hardship, persecution, imprisonment, and self-undoing. It’s hard to see how anyone as successful and Musk could have in Sun stuck in such a dreadful place. However, the fact is that a lot of very successful people had or have the Sun in the Twelfth. From the past (when it only took a few million to be considered rich) we have Jay Gould, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Ford and J. Paul Getty. For more recent examples, there’s Ted Turner and Musk’s competitor in the space race, Richard Branson. All of these people had Sun in the Twelfth House and all of them still did pretty well for themselves

In my book on house positions of the Sun and Moon, “Behind the Horoscope,” I explain that the house occupied by the Sun represents “your mission” in life. For people born with the Sun in the Twelfth House that mission is to understand yourself, to take what I call an “inward journey.”

The ultimate goal of this inward journey is meaning, finding what it is that your life really means within the context of your experience of the world. The fact that some people think that that meaning can be found in the accumulation of wealth and power is not surprising. What is surprising, at least to those people, is how hollow and meaningless such goals turn out to be once you’ve attained them.

This is where Elon Musk is in his search for meaning. He’s made the money. He’s got the power. Now he’s trying to make it all mean something. He will eventually learn, as so many have before him, that those things don’t really matter. They get you name before the masses and inflate your ego but their meaning is fleeting and pursuing it only drags you down.

The mission of the Twelfth House Sun is one that many people refuse to accept. It’s difficult and it goes against all the things (like fame, wealth and dominance) that our contemporary society tells us to value. However, choosing not to accept the mission of the Sun in the Twelfth opens the door to all the trouble and misery that ancient astrologers associated with this house placement.

This doesn’t often translate into literal persecution and imprisonment. The world has many ways of making us miserable. Sometimes it’s just the realization that the you’ve spent your life chasing a fulfillment that isn’t there, that the thing that would give your life meaning was not something that could be built, bought or finagled. It was something that you have to dig, with great effort, out of your own soul.


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