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Elon Musk: All too Human

I’ve always felt that Cancer was the most human sign in the zodiac. What I mean by this has nothing to do with the hard shelled creature that is symbol of the sign and everything to do with the personality traits typical of Cancer people. Those traits included the best and the worst sides of human nature. It you want to find something to praise, or something to condemn about the human race, go talk to a Cancer. You are sure to hear one or the other, and sometime both, before the conversation is over.

Like the other Water Signs  (Pisces and Scorpio) Cancer people tend toward introversion. However, Cancer is also a Cardinal sign. Cancers have to act on those hidden and constantly shifting emotions. This is why Cancer people so often surprise and confuse us, why they can so easily slip from almost angelic compassion and empathy to shameless self-absorption. They are simply expressing what they feel at the moment.

With this in mind, I was not surprised to learn (from Walter Isaacson’s recently published biography) that Elon Musk was born at 7:30 AM. This birth time gives him Cancer as an Ascendant and places his Cancer Mercury on that angle and his Cancer Sun in the Twelfth House. (Click on Elon Musk to see the chart.) Musk is known for many things, his technological innovations, his business acumen and, most of all, his wealth, but consistency is not one of them.

One example of this inconsistency involved Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the beginning of the conflict Musk came out as an enthusiastic supporter of Ukraine. He allowed the Ukrainian army to use the system of satellites controlled by Space X to facilitate communication between units in the field. As the war ground on, however, Musk’s commitment to Ukraine began to waver. He became more sympathetic to Vladimir Putin. Then one day, when the Ukrainian army was in the midst of an offensive, Musk pulled the plug. Units could no longer communicate with one another and commanders could not issue orders. The offensive fell apart with substantial loss of life.

A lot of people might see this as “super villain” stuff but, in reality, it was a very human reaction. Supporting a cause for a month is easy. Supporting it for years is not. Also, Musk allowed himself to be seduced by Putin and his protestations that all he wanted was peace. He’s not the first human to fall prey to the Russian leader’s Libra charm. As human beings are apt to do, Musk changed his mind and acted accordingly. What made his change of heart so destructive was the fact that he owns the means of winning a war.

Musk’s emergence as a hero of right-wing politics is also evidence of the Cancer Sun sign and Ascendant. Previous to the pandemic Musk showed little interest in American politics. Then the government of California shutdown his factory in order to prevent the spread of the disease. For Musk, that made things personal and, for Cancer, what’s personal is what matters. Musk became an enemy of all COVID inspired government mandates. Later, when social media companies began deleting misinformation about the pandemic, misinformation that supported Musk’s beliefs, he became of an advocate of unregulated and unlimited free speech.

According to Greek mythology Prometheus gave fire to humanity. The poor demi-god didn’t realized that we would one day use that gift to create the atomic bomb and mutually assured destruction. But that’s what happens with human beings. We follow our feelings and those feelings can sometimes take us in to some scary and extreme situations.

This is something to keep in mind the next time you read about Elon Musk doing something irrational and possibly destructive. You have every right to think that he has too much money and too much power, but don’t think of him as a super villain or even a superhero. He’s just a human being born under the most human of Sun signs.


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