Following the Moon: Nov. 13, 2023GGAMoon

In my analysis of the Full Moon chart for Oct. 28 (click here to see the article and the chart) I promised a lot of noise. We certainly got that with three Trumps, Eric, Donald Jr. and Donald Sr., testifying in the business fraud case against the Trump organization. Things got loud, particularly when Don Sr. took the stand, but we won’t know if anything will come from it until the judge makes his ruling.

Since the Second and Eighth Houses, both of which have financial associations, were emphasized in the Full Moon chart I expected the news to focus on the economy. Of course, the fraud case against the Trump organization is a financial matter. Also, the deadline for a budget agreement is nearing and Republicans in the House have been mulling over different proposals. The new Speaker of the House put forth a new one yesterday which seems to be a compromise of a compromise but its fate is yet to be determined.

The emphasis on finance continues with the New Moon chart for Nov. 13. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) We have the Sun and Moon in the Second House. However, the situation in this chart is more explosive than what we saw with the last lunation. Here we have the Sun and Moon in a close conjunction with Mars and opposed to Uranus in the Eighth.

The presence of Mars always brings violence into the discussion. The planet is strongly placed in Scorpio, making it even more of a factor. Then we have Uranus, the planet of random mischief, in a tight opposition to Mars (along with an opposition to the Sun and Moon). This configuration definitely describes startling events and, since Uranus specializes in doing the unexpected, these events could involve everything but finance.

What makes this chart even more ominous in the fact that Pluto is just a few degrees away from the I.C I.C and the Nodes of the Moon are aligned with theAscendant/Descendant axis. These placements seem to hint at something big on the horizon, events that are both fateful and transformative. I’m always leery of such dire predictions. Real life changes tend to be incremental. However, I will note that this New Moon, along with it conjunction to Mars and opposition to Uranus, takes place within a degree of Joe Biden’s natal Mercury.

We do have a mitigating aspect. Neptune istrine the Sun, Moon and Mars and sextile Uranus. Going to Neptune for help is never a sure thing, but these trines seem to argue against anything conclusive coming out of this lunation period. Of course, given Neptune’s tendency to obscure, it could be that there will be conclusive events that are concealed or misunderstood.

The one thing we can say with some certainty is that Speaker Johnson’s efforts toward avoiding a government shutdown are going to meet with resistance. Just about everyone in congress agrees that a government shutdown would be a bad thing, but that might not be enough to stop it from happening. Also, this chart promises that the Trump fraud trial will continue to create plenty of noise. The battle in the courtroom could spill over into the streets, with protests and even violence. In other words, even without a “big” event, we're going to have lots to talk about by the end of this lunation period.


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