Uranus and Joe Biden: The Saga Continues

Back in January, I predicted that the last few months of 2023 were going to be rough for President Biden. (Click here to see that article.) Then in Sept. I noted that Uranus seemed to be making trouble for both Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Now we’re into November. The opposition by transiting Uranus to Biden's natal Mercury has just passed it point of exactitude and the problems seem to be piling up for Biden. (Click onJoe Biden to see Biden’s horoscope.)

The problems for Biden escalated on Oct. 7 when Hamas attacked Israel. Like the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2021, this event had all the earmarks of Uranus. It was sudden, shocking and it completely shattered the tense but relatively peaceful status quo that had existed between Israelis and the Palestinians in Gaza. When Putin invaded Ukraine Uranus was opposite Biden’s Mars. On Oct. 7 Uranus had just moved retrograde within a degree of an opposition to his natal Mercury.

Obviously, Biden’s troubles are minor compared to those of the Israelis who were killed or taken hostage by Hamas, and those of the civilian population of Gaza who have been caught in the crossfire of this conflict. Still, this event has put Biden is an difficult spot politically. Despite, his calls for restraint, Biden’s policies have been supportive of the Israelis. This could well cost him the support of voters who are sympathetic with the Palestinians. Of course, if Biden were to in any way show support for the Palestinian cause he would risk losing the votes of Americans who favor Israel.

Meanwhile, the deadline for a budget agreement with the House of Representatives is nearing and, so far, Republicans in the House seem determined to impose their will over that of the President. With a new Speaker who seems to be aligned with the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, the possibility of a government shutdown looms large. There are those who say such an impasse would hurt Republicans more than the President, but a lot of misery will have to be distributed before that theory can be proven.

Along with these immediated problems, Biden is still the target of investigations by the House Judiciary Committee and his son is awash in legal problems. The country remains as divided as it has ever been and there's this guy roaming the country claiming that Joe Biden stole the 2020 elections and he is the real president. Any of these issues, along with several I haven't thought of, could produce and new set of Uranan problems up for Biden

By the end of November Uranus will have separated from its opposition to Biden’s Mercury by more than a degree. The pressure from this transit may lessen at this point. However, Uranus will turn direct in Jan. 2024 and make its last exact opposition to the President’s natal Mercury in April. Given that this will be in the middle of the primary season, there are many ways, positive and negative, in which this transit can surprise Joe Biden.

And that’s not the end. After Uranus finishes with Biden’s natal Mercury it will quickly move on to an opposition with his natal Sun and Venus. That aspect will be within a degree in Sept. 2024. It will still be relatively close (within two degrees) on Election Day 2024. If Biden’s previous Uranus transits are any indication, more Uranian shocks and surprises can be expected.


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