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In my last article I pointed out how Saturn Cycle aspects were active in the horoscopes of Kevin McCarthy and Mike Johnson when Johnson replaced McCarthy as Speaker of the House. However, it appears that these two congressmen are not the only ones being picked on by Saturn. Just as transiting Saturn was conjuncting its position in McCarthy’s chart and squaring its position in Johnson’s, it was also opposed to the natal position of Saturn in the chart of Donald Trump Jr. (Click on Donald Trump Jr. to see the chart.)

Saturn Cycle aspects are usually important markers in the rise and fall of a person’s position relative to the world and the opinion of their peers. McCarthy’s Saturn Cycle transit represented a fall from grace, while Johnson’s represented an advance. What this transit means to Donald Trump Jr. remains to be seen, though it doesn’t look all that good at the moment.

Don Jr. is testifying in the business fraud case against his father’s company. So far, his defense against allegations that he (along with his father) lied about the true value of the company’s assets is that he was unaware of the numbers involved. Basically, he is saying that, even though he was the trustee of the company during his father’s presidency, he paid no attention to minutia like the valuation the company placed on property holding like Mar-a-Largo.

How the judge will view this testimony remains to be seen but, if nothing else, it seems to be a monumental admission of incompetence. How do you run a company and not know the true value of that company’s major holdings? How many CEO’s would testify under oath to that kind or ignorance?

Saturn Cycle transits have a way of bringing out the truth, particularly the truth about our abilities and our character. There are times when these transits can make us aware of capacities that we never thought we had, but they can also show us, in merciless detail, what we lack. It would seem likely that, as this case continues, one of these truths will be revealed about Donald Trump’s oldest son.


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