Following the Moon: Oct. 28, 2023GGAMoon

In the New Moon chart for Oct 14 (click here to see the article and the chart) the Sun and Moon were in the Ninth House which indicated that all the action would be taking place in the courts. Of course, thanks to former President Donald Trump and his vast array of criminal and civil litigations, that’s not a difficult order to fill. Still, the Ninth House came through with flying colors during this lunation period with several dramatic developments involving more than one of these cases.

I also said that the square between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in the First House of that chart would keep our attention on the Israeli/Hamas conflict, though I feared that it might also describe an extraordinary outbreak in violence in this country. That happened in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday night. Instead of the usual amateurs, this mass shooting was carried out by a firearms expert with a military background. The body count (18 and counting) is a sad reflection of his expertise.

Mars also plays a big role in the Full Moon chart for Oct. 28, (click on Full Moon to see the chart) though here it is placed in the Eighth House where it is conjunct Mercury and opposed to Jupiter. These connections are far less belligerent than what we saw in the Oct. 14 chart. Still, they do seem to promise more dramatic developments involving court cases. (Jupiter is the natural ruler of the Ninth.)

Mars and Mercury form a very wide conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter is in an equally wide conjunction with the Moon. I don’t usually pay attention to aspects this wide but in this chart I think they are going to be significant. It’s going to be a noisy two weeks, with significant development in the Trump cases, the war in Gaza and other matters.

These other matters might well include the economy. Though it takes degree in economics to understand much of this stuff, the increase of the interest on treasury bills that occurred last week seems to be signaling another jump in interest rates, which is going to impact home buyers directly and the rest of us indirectly. All this action involving the Second and Eighth Houses could describe a reaction to that development. Those reactions, along with what’s happening elsewhere, will get loud.

However, much of the noise that will likely dominate this lunation period is going to be rhetoric and politics. It probably won’t amount to much. You might just want to turn down the volume on whatever device you use to follow the news. But don’t stop listening. In this lunation chart we also have Neptune conjunct the Ascendant. Neptune obscures and deceives. With Neptune, seeing what’s important often involves reading between the lines or looking at a situation from an oblique angle. The truth comes to us in a whisper, available only by those who can shut out the noise and see through the fog. During this lunation period try and be one of those people.


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