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Pushing Putin’s Mars Buttons

When Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine in 2022, his secondary progressed Mars was almost exactly conjunct his natal North Node of the Moon. (Click here to see the chart.) The Nodes have always been associated with karma and destiny and it is thought that Putin sees it as his destiny to extend the borders of Russia until they match the vastness of the old Soviet Union. This is why he defied all logic and launched his invasion.

Of course, so far that invasion has failed to meet Putin’s expectations. Instead of entering Kiev in triumph, Russian troops are stuck in a bloody stalemate in eastern Ukraine. The process of taking and holding this ground has resulted in a huge number of Russian casualties. But Putin seems undeterred by this cost. At present the Russian have launched another offensive at a Ukrainian strong point and it is reported that the Russian losses are staggering.

Along with this secondary progressed Mars aspect, Putin is dealing with an important transit to his natal Mars, a square by transiting Neptune. This transit was just outside the one degree range when the Wagner group rebelled in June, 2023. However, that dispute was settled. (It was settled for good in August when the leader of that military force was killed in a mysterious plane crash. The Neptune to Mars square in Putin’s chart was within a degree at that time.)

Neptune dissolves boundaries and explodes our delusions but, so far, Putin’s delusion seem to still be intact. The transit will return in Feb. 2024 and slip back to within a degree in December of that year. What makes the last two “hits” by this transit important is the way that they will be supported by the continued movement of Putin’s secondary progressed Mars.

By February Putin’s progressed Mars will be past it’s conjunction to his North Node and moving toward a conjunction with his I.C. By December that conjunction to the I.C. will be within a degree. The conjunction of the secondary progressed Mars to the I.C.is a particularly destabilizing aspect. Old grievances and past mistakes come back to haunt you and you can find yourself the target of other people’s animosity

The combination of what is happening with Putin’s secondary progressed Mars and the transit to his natal Mars could shake his hold over the Russian people. The Russian press can spin the progress of the war any way they want, but there’s no way to spin a son or a father or a brother who doesn’t come home.

Anger over the human and economic cost of the war could mount, encouraging those who might want to take Putin’s place. This might seem like a faint hope at present. A lot can happen just between now and next February and December takes us past the U.S. 2024 election. However, the main thing that astrology teaches us is that change is inevitable and that means that even the most entrenched dictatorship cannot last forever.


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