Following the Moon: Sept. 29, 2023

I had thought that Uranus on the Ascendant of the New Moon chart for Sept. 14 (click here to see the article and the chart) would bring us news regarding technology. Instead, except for the lawsuit filed by several famous authors against the creators of ChatGPT, it was issues regarding Pluto on the Midheaven of that chart that dominated.

Pluto on the Midheaven has to do with the exercise of power. We saw this in a couple of labor actions. First there was a strike by auto workers and then a tentative settlement in the actors and writers strike. However, when it comes to the use and abuse of power, you can’t beat Washington, D.C. There we had the indictment of Hunter Biden, the beginning of an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden and, most worrisome of all, the looming possibility of a government shutdown.

It's fair to say that the New Moon chart for Sept. 14 brought us a lot of drama, but none of it was conclusive. That’s where the Full Moon chart for Sept. 29 is different. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) In this chart we have the Sun and Moon in angular houses (the First and the Seventh) and that typically means that, for better of worse, matters will come to a conclusion.

The most immediate of these conclusion could be the government shutdown, which could begin just 42 hours after the Full Moon. Here the power is in the hands of the House of Representatives and, in particular, with hardcore Republicans in that body who want to see sizable budget cuts. While other matters, such as the actors and writers strike and the strike against GM, might also be settled during the lunation period, this is the one that will have the widest effect.

However, there are other features in this chart that don’t seem to have much to do with a government shutdown. One is the placement of Mercury near the Ascendant of that chart and the other is the placement of Neptune (which forms a wideopposition to Mercury) on the Descendant. This configuration seems to promise a period of confusion and misinformation. This could have to do with the politics of a government shutdown, but it could also involve other matters, like the surge in COVID cases that is going on now and will likely continue as winter approaches.

Another interesting thing about this chart is the almost exact square between Venus and Uranus. Since Venus is in Leo, this could be an indication that the tentative settlement of the actors and writers strike will fall through. However, I’m more focused on the placement of Uranus in the Ninth House, which is associated with both politics and the courts. We could have a surprising development in one of Donald Trump’s court cases or the House impeachment inquiry, which up to now has been a sentence in search of a crime, might uncover something that would make it seem worthwhile.

Of course, if there is a government shutdown on Sunday, all of these other issues will more or less be overshadowed. That could be what the opposition of Mercury and Neptune on the angles is telling us. Instead of focusing only on the big issues of the day, we need to be looking at what’s happening in the background. That’s where the really important developments will occur.


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