Is Uranus Gunning for the Bidens?BidenJoeImage

Earlier this year I warned that things were going to get tense for Joe Biden in the latter part of 2023. This was because transiting Uranus was make a long opposition aspect to his natal Mercury during this period. Well, here we are in the latter part of 2023 and President Biden is facing a possible government shutdown, an impeachment inquiry and the indictment of his son by federal prosecutors. That sounds pretty tense to me.

Uranus transits are always difficult to predict. Uranus disrupts the status quo. Sometimes those disruptions can be surprisingly beneficial, and other times they can be shockingly destructive. The first pass of this aspect in Biden’s chart seemed to fall in the former category. This happened in June 2023,  Biden made a deal with House Republicans that raised the debt limit so that the government could continue to function and his son, Hunter,was offered a plea deal with prosecutors that seemed to resolve his multiple legal problems.

Then, at the end of August, Uranus turned retrograde and that status quo began to fall apart. With the 2024 electing getting closer, hardline Republicans in the House began looking kinks in Biden’s armor. They seem to think that a government shutdown and/or an impeachment trial would do the trick. Having his son thrown in prison would be nice addition. This sort of “go-for-broke" thinking is, of course, very much in keeping with Uranus and the planet’s opposition to President Biden’s natal Mercury.

We don’t have a time of birth for Hunter Biden so there much that we can’t see. (Click on Hunter Biden to a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) However, even without a complete horoscope it appears that this Biden is also dealing with a Uranus transit. Uranus is currently close to making a trine to Hunter’s natal Mercury, which is either at 19 or 20 degrees of Capricorn. (Uranus could also be trine his natal Moon but that can’t be determined without a time of birth.)

Trine aspects are supposed to be positive, but trines from Uranus are always suspect. Right now the aspect is a little wide but it will be getting closer as the year goes on. It could (depending on the time of birth) be close to exact when Uranus turns direct in January and the aspect won’t definitely be out of orb until mid-May, 2024. By that time it is likely that the case against Hunter Biden will have been tried.

Hunter Biden is also facing charges of tax evasions and Republican’s in Congress are confident that there will be revelations of worse crimes involving his business dealings with other countries. They are seeking to link these yet to be proven allegations to actions taken by his father while he was Vice President.

Uranus will also be making a third pass opposite Joe Biden’s natal Mercury in 2024. That aspect will be within a two degree orb from March through May, overlapping Hunter’s Uranus transit. Obviously, what happens during these transits is going have an effect on the election.

What makes the situation even more interesting is that Biden’s likely opponent in that election, Donald Trump, will be dealing with multiple legal entanglement during this same period and a Uranus transit of his own. So, it would seem that the 2024 Presidential election is going to, one way of another, bear the stamp of Uranus. I do not consider this good news.


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