Saturn and the Horoscope of Mitch McConnellMcConnellImage

We don’t know the time of birth of Senator Mitch McConnell which makes his actual horoscope something of a mystery. (Click here to a chart done for noon on McConnell’s date of birth.) However, we do know the placement of his natal Sun in Pisces (within a degree or so). We also know that Saturn has just entered Pisces and that it aligned with McConnell’s natal Sun in March 2023.

That conjunction coincided with McConnell falling down in the Waldorf Astoria in Washington, D.C. He had had previous falls but this one was particularly worrisome because he hit his head and required hospitalization. It seemed that McConnell had fully recovered from this accident but Saturn aspects to the Sun always represent a test or a challenge and those challenges tend to stick with long after the transit is over.

Saturn was moving fairly quickly in March. It passed McConnell’s natal Sun in a blur and moved deeper into Pisces. But then it turned retrograde at seven degree so Pisces That happened in June 2023. Since then McConnell had had two incidents (one in July and the latest just a couple of days ago) in which he appears to “freeze” in the midst of making a statement to the press.

Today the Senator was cleared to resume his duties but, obviously, a shadow hangs over his health. McConnell still had four years left in his term. There is serious doubt about his running again and there’s even reason to wonder if he will be able to complete this term.

Saturn will align with Mitch McConnell’s natal Sun again in November 2023. At the same time that this is happening transiting Uranus will be conjunct in natal Mars. This could be a very dangerous time for Senator McConnell. Saturn tests us, but Uranus brings in chaos and unpredictability.Another fall or unforeseen ramifications from his fall in March are both possible.

Obviously, this is a personal concern for Mitch McConnell but, given McConnell’s leadership position in the Senate, it is also a matter of some significance politically. Adding more weight to this transit is the fact that, at the same time that Uranus will be conjunct McConnell’s Mars, the planet will also oppose Mercury in the horoscope of President Joe Biden. Both men, and the parties they represent, could be in lne for the kind of sudden, Uranian events that rewrite history.


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